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  1. I had a heart attack when Signal Pro chirped to tell me I picked up 4G @ Frank Lloyd Wright & 110th St... Have to zoom in on Sensolry and you can see it
  2. Btw, I mapped 4G at Shea & 101 .. also noticed it finally pop up north of it.. and around Raintree.. This whole area is deprived (haha) ugh
  3. Tower down last few days? I have full access to data, yet NO access to voice or texting... SW corner of Via Linda & Frank Lloyd Wright (Scottsdale) .... it is so annoying, anyway to find out when it will be fixed?
  4. wish it would pop up around here Shea & Frank Lloyd.... ugh
  5. Lol great I'll have to try that then.. have Signal Check Pro
  6. 1:30 am?! Lol, determined.. Jk.. I went by there on the 202 and never got a connection, thought it was odd.. Maybe drove too fast but that's great speeds for LTE I'm liking that, thanks
  7. Great lte speeds at Scottsdale mall, and to the east of it
  8. I also see someone mapped out east of Old Town... sweetness :-)
  9. soooo apparently those 2 dots in Old Town Scottsdale dont work... I tried everything and couldn't get 4G to light up, so can't map anything :-(
  10. Yeah, also you can see super faint purple lines along 101 near Chaparral -- yeah also thank you from me
  11. lol, I work tomorrow down there. I'll try and map something more than the two dots someone made earlier :-)
  12. Take a second look, its on Sensorly. Zoom in, it isn't much. Whoever did it probably mapped it for a second.
  13. when will ANY part of Scottsdale get LTE?? I see a faint purple line on 101 near the college and near 202 lol
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