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  1. I'm in NJ, and this morning when I woke up I had no service. I can only get spotty service. Roaming most of the time. Even when roaming, my calls/texts have trouble going through and can barely use data. My sister has T-Mobile and she has a good signal, no problems.Thank goodness WiFi is working otherwise my GSIII would be rendered useless lol.
  2. JD8500 posted some information. "New York-White Plains-Wayne, N.Y. This is wayne NJ" North Jersey seems to be considered part of the NY Metro area. So we are on the list. Well at least the Northeast part of NJ is.
  3. I believe you are right! So North Jersey will see LTE this year then.
  4. What happened to North Jersey? Or are we considered part of the New York Metropolitan area?
  5. Those speeds are what I have seen also, around 1 to 1.5MB. You can get 2+MB/s speeds early or late in the day. The other day I was getting 2.3MB/s at 9PM in Saddle Brook.
  6. No it was EvdoA. Not sure if these upgrades is part of Network Vision or just a band aid fix. But I have been pleasantly surprised with the better service. I don't see improvements being widespread, just in certain areas, fortunately where I live and work the speeds are much improved.
  7. Yes, I've noticed the speeds aren't as fast during the day as it is early in the morning. But it's still way faster, still getting around 1 to 1.5Mbsp instead of over 2Mbps in off peak hours. And not every tower has these speeds. I could go two streets down from my house, and it's slower because it's connecting me to a different tower which may not be upgraded yet. I'm going to run more tests during the week around the area.
  8. Maybe the towers up in Ramsey have not been upgraded or these extremely slow speeds means the are in the process. I noticed pathetically slow speeds and then like magic the next day it was two to four times faster than normal. I was In Park Ridge on Saturday and saw over 1Mb/s. I saw higher speeds around Clifton, Bergen Town Center in Paramus, on route 17 near Garden Stater Plaza. Definitely no fluke.
  9. I haven't done a speed test in a few weeks. The other day I had painfully slow speeds, ran the speed test and saw 50kbps. The next day to my shock it was over 1Mb/s! I've been noticing significantly faster 3G speeds around Paramus, Clifton, Saddle Brook and neighboring areas. I've measured as fast as 2GB per second on downloads and nearly 1MB per second on uploads. Most of the time it's been hovering around 1 to 1.5MB/s on downloads. These download speeds are at times are 10 times faster than I I normally got in the past lol. This has to be related to Network Vision right? Upgrading the 3G first and then hopefully get LTE soon.
  10. I had awfully slow speeds yesterday in Saddle Brook, NJ. But today to my surprise, my download speeds have doubled/tripled!!! I'm getting 800kbps to 1000kbps, with uploads ranging from 500kbps to 900kbps. They must have upgraded the tower by here, maybe part of Network Vision?
  11. Surprised there aren't any other members from Northern Jersey.
  12. Yes if I send it to myself it works fine. But if I send it to someone else, it shows up as a video. Actually I googled this issue and found this is a common problem on Samsung/Android phones.
  13. When I send a picture to someone it sends it as a 5 second video. Anyone notice this?
  14. So nobody really knows whether the Sprint Galaxy 3 would work outside the U.S.? lol
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