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  1. Yeah, I was thinking about the s7 edge which is 3600.
  2. Nah, I don't think it will show up today. What I'm thinking is that the last few days were spent getting everyone's phones ready for shipping and ups will actually receive them today then they will be shipped out today. So tomorrow for sure. Also, this is how its always been when pre-ordering phones through sprint, at least in my experience. The shipping notification(when its a preorder) is just when they assign your order a tracking number and not when it actually ships.
  3. No update on tracking, so it will more than likely be tomorrow instead of today.
  4. Well the s8+ has better battery life than the note 8 and the s9+ suppose to have marginally better battery life than the s8+ even with 100mah less capacity so yeah, it will have better battery life than the note 8.
  5. I just got tracking info, so I guess I will probably get it Monday maybe, Tuesday for sure.
  6. No big deal really, like I said in a previous post, I'm not really feeling the excitement this time around so it will get here whenever it gets here.
  7. Still no change on mines, still showing ship date of 5/12.
  8. I guess, i'm not really sure. Every time I see a pic or a video it appears to be different shades.
  9. Some videos and pics shows it be a more pink than I would like, so looks like i'll be rocking a pink phone for the next 12 months, lol. Hopefully its darker in person than I've seen so far. But I only choose that color because I try to not to get the same color twice.
  10. I ordered the purple(lol, don't judge me) on the afternoon of the 2nd
  11. Its suppose to have the best camera on any smartphone to date.
  12. That's great, mine hasn't updated yet. What color did you order and what time did you place your order?
  13. Order status says pending for me with a ship date of the 12th.
  14. Lol, yep. Now showing the 12th. For the first time though I'm not really hyped about upgrading so not quite feeling the excitement like previous devices. So it will get here when it gets here.
  15. Yeah, mines changed to the 13th for the delivery date as well.
  16. I pre-ordered with galaxy forever, no issues. When you get the s9 they should also send you a return label for the s8.
  17. Worried for what? It's the same build quality as the s8 which was put together very well.
  18. I pre-ordered, if anything goes wrong then there is a warranty for that.
  19. Can't wait for all the pre-order complaints about I should have ordered through samsung or I should have ordered through sprint or why my status hasn't updated yet on the sprint website.....etc. Every year its the same thing, LOL. I find it hilarious.
  20. Well st thomas literally just got sprint service restored this past friday after 5 months so it could be worse. Service is actually much better now since there was a mass exodus of sprint customers to at&t so the towers aren't quite as flooded as they use to be, lol.
  21. Hopefully this includes deployment in the VI as well. Had to give in and port one of my lines over to att so I can at least get half decent service. Sprint really lagging behind compared to att here on the island.
  22. I don't know but hopefully soon. Here in the VI, sprint customers are breaking down the doors to att trying to switch over to them because att has made quite the progress compared to sprint since "irmaria". So when sprint comes back up the network should be wide open compared to a few months ago so more bandwidth for me, lol.
  23. Well hopefully things will improve, here in the VI sprint is getting crushed by att and viya which is the local carrier. And since the hurricanes I know sprint has lost a significant amount of subscribers in the territory since they seem to be lagging behind big time compared to the other 2 carriers when it comes to network repairs.
  24. So does that mean that sprint will no longer operate under the sprint name in PR and instead be known as prwireless?
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