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  1. I couldn't care less about 5g as of right now but that 6.7" screen and 4500mah battery though, thats something to be excited about.
  2. I definitely prefer the cut out compared to any sort of notch.
  3. Update came in at under 100mb so I didn't bother look at the details or take a screen cap.
  4. Oh, I was referring to the fact the s8 beta was a total mess in general not about mobile payments specifically. I use samsung pay for everything.
  5. This is why I didn't even bother with the beta this year, had way too many issues with the s8 beta and just don't feel like being bothered with it this year.
  6. Haven't experienced anything like that, must be some sort of random app causing you problems.
  7. Actually, my battery life has gotten noticeably better since this last update.
  8. I'll be getting it for sure but I really don't get excited as much as I use to when it comes to flagship phones. I mean phones are getting so advanced now that any new release will be an incremental improvement at best.
  9. Just got shipping notification
  10. Pre-ordered the xs-max for my wife. Her 8 plus is paid off so I will just sell it when the new ones come in.
  11. I'm actually running the note 9 on AT&T
  12. If your iphone x is in excellent condition you could get much than that for it if you just sell it yourself, wouldn't even take that long.
  13. I ended up getting my note 9 on AT&T. Still rocking a note 8 and s9+ on sprint though.
  14. Battery life is easily the best I've had in any smartphone I've ever owned.
  15. Got my note 9 yesterday, I'm extremely impressed so far. Battery is outstanding so far.
  16. themuffinman

    HTC U 12+

    Yeah, the u11 is probably the last htc device I will ever purchase. I unlocked my sprint u11 and ported it over to att, its bad enough how att cripples the functionality of non branded att phones but for this to also be missing important bands makes it a no go for me. I do like how it looks but with also no wireless charging its definitely a no go for me. I am convinced that htc simply doesn't care anymore.
  17. Same here as well, maybe its just some differences between the 9 and the 9+. The screenshot in question is from a 9
  18. Sprint has been down all day on St Thomas, hopefully something good is happening behind the scenes.
  19. Hopefully things go live soon in the VI, I see band 13 but can't connect.
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