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  1. Well, I have learned to not get excited when it comes to any sort of sprint announcement, as a matter of fact I am already disappointed so if anything worth wild is mentioned then I will be pleasantly surprised. Personally though with the lack of any decent releases from sprint since the epic touch I don't see how they can wait until ctia in may to start talking about devices. With wimax on the way out and lte on the way in sprint needs to build some kind of momentum to get people to want to be on their network.
  2. Very interesting, but I will keep my hopes under control.
  3. Great news but I have a question, do you have a map of atlanta's market that shows nv/lte converage?
  4. I am willing to bet that the iphone 5 will come with at least a 4 inch screen.
  5. Great question, I remember someone asking this about the "evo 2" in a thread a year ago, not sure which website though(either ppcgeeks, androidcentral, androidforums or xda) and my wish list actually turned out to be the galaxy nexus. Before much was known about the gnex or ics I wanted the "evo 2" have a larger screen than 4.3", I wanted a phone with no physical buttons like honeycomb, I also wanted a 720p screen with a dual core processor. I wish I could find where I posted that. Anyway as far as the "evo 3" goes, I am hoping for pretty much the same. It better have a 720p screen, at least 4.7" screen, super amoled plus(year right), good camera with zero shutter lag, 32gb of storage, razr maxx type battery. As far as processors go, I was very excited with the thought of having a dual core processor in a phone but I honestly believe that quad cores are overkill so the evo 3 having a dual core or a quad core isn't that significant to me.
  6. apple crisp (looks like we posted at the same time, I would have said apple sucks but someone posted that already in this thread)
  7. Thats what he is suppose to say but I can assure you that at some point there will either be tiered data for sure or at least some sort of throttling.
  8. I figure Puerto Rico shouldn't take to long at all, if I am not mistaken some parts of PR been riding the wimax wave for a while. Puerto Rico is densely populated and I would say they should have lte service up and running fairly shortly. My biggest question though is specific to the virgin islands, I highly doubt the virgin islands will get lte any time soon if ever.
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