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  1. This has been my experience as well. LTE has been intermittent when I can get it. Sometimes it's on. Sometimes it's not. Go figure. Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk HD
  2. You're not the only one. I have 9 months left on my contract. Me, my sister, and my mom were in the same car heading to St Augustine on I-95 this past Saturday. Me and my sis have sprint. My mom is on AT&T. My mom and sis tried to download the same app on their phones. Guess which one of them was actually able to do it? It wasn't my sister... sent from my mobile device
  3. I actually picked up a little LTE this morning at Atlantic and Kernan blvds. So, they're working on something. There is also spotty LTE on McCormick Road east and west of Monument. It's getting there, but very slowly.
  4. I've picked up some LTE on Atlantic Blvd around the Regency area. I switched to an iPhone so I can't map it on Sensorly. Hopefully, someone else will be able to.
  5. In Atlantic Beach, I watched my 3G signal drop and then connect to 4G. I don't think the handoff between the two is smooth at all.
  6. How is the building penetration? Has anyone ever got a LTE signal inside of a building?
  7. I have a technical question: According to SignalCheck Pro, when I'm at work, I am picking up a tower that is not one of the towers on the network vision sites map. Does that mean that it will not be upgraded to 4G? If so, will it be possible for me to pick up another tower that has been upgraded to 4G when it's deployed? Thanks.
  8. I just mapped some 4G I picked up downtown driving down State Street after coming off the Mathews bridge. I'm stoked!
  9. Can someone post a pick or reference one that shows what to look for on a tower that has LTE installed?
  10. Can you really be that far from a tower? Someone told me that a cell phone can't pick up a tower very good if it's more than 3 miles away. Is that not true?
  11. Has anyone noticed an issue with 3G/4G handoff? I stream music in the morning during my commute and I notice that whenever there is a need for the 3G signal to handoff to the 4G signal, my streaming is interrupted for about a minute or so. It's annoying! I would think the problem would be the other way around.
  12. LOL. I thought it was just my phone that was messing up the posts. Sent from my SPH-L900 using Tapatalk 2
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