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  1. I actually found a better one https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.brownent.switchitSent From EVO LTE
  2. What was the name of the app in the market to force it on LTE only? I know about the code. Just wondering about the other way Sent From EVO LTE
  3. Just did a speed test though holy crap Sent From EVO LTE
  4. No more eHRPD in Waukegan anymore only get EVDO then jumps to 4G then back Sent From EVO LTE
  5. I'm lost are they officially launching waukegan Illinois? Or just another prelaunch? We've been like since the 15th. Sent From EVO LTE
  6. See haha And the app I use to track all of this https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.netgate Sent From EVO LTE
  7. Lol I actually do talk on the phone here and there but with working two jobs I'm only able to text haha. And don't worry ill test HD voice once it comes around hehe Sent From EVO LTE
  8. It's only been 3 days holy crap I'm at my uncle house get LTE every where in here. Off lewis behind bp Sent From EVO LTE
  9. how could I find out which tower im connected to? Sent From EVO LTE
  10. Also I connected to LTE right by the mall on grand right next to the shell gas station but soon as you actually drive by the mall it disappears :/ oh and there is brief LTE on greenbay and yorkhousen. soon as you past the 711 or w.e gas station that is you will get lte. Sent From EVO LTE
  11. I live off McAree and sunset so I get LTE in my bedroom 5Mbps-12Mbps and also get it once in a while in the living room around 2.5-3Mbps. When I use netmonitor it says im connected to the Robert Mcclory bike path tower in beach park. Have no clue if its accurate or not though. Sent From EVO LTE
  12. the sg3 has a bigger battery then the EVO LTE Sent From EVO LTE
  13. +1 I'm like a kid in a candy store cant wait for more towers to get LTE. So far I only get it in my room. And just got back from driving around using sensorly so other users can see where 4G is active. Btw this is the speedtest in my room Sent From EVO LTE
  14. Speedtest down the street from my house Sent From EVO LTE
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