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  1. I work in the Galleria area, zip 77057. I used to get excellent service from around Aug. of last year through the end of the year. It got noticeably slower after that but still usable. For over a month now 4G has been almostly completely unusable. I get a very slow 4G (< .5 Mbps) or it'll switch to an equally bad 3G. Same phone, same exact area it used to work. My phone works OK elsewhere. It currently shows -97 dBm. I've called and emailed Sprint multiple times and either get "everything's fine" or the issue is based on system upgrades. Is it true they have to take down a tower to work on other towers in the area? That's the lastest story. For over a month though? I've updated the PRL, profile, etc. multiple times and other phones seem to be as bad in this area too. Should I keep calling Sprint? Sit tight and hope service resumes? Suggestions?
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