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  1. @MSNBC Lock him up!

  2. @TheGoodGodAbove All of those 41% voted for Trump

  3. @news10nbc Could have been worse ... At least he didn't make fun of her for being a high class stripper.

  4. @jessphoenix2018 @Dumbledore2017 If you were in Harry Potter, you'd obviously be Fawkes.

  5. @VP Happy Easter! Use this time to reflect on how Jesus Christ would act if here in the flesh today. He would shed… https://t.co/v1G1yl7ymW

  6. @TheDailyShow @TonyAtamanuik Did you call an exterminator?

  7. @BobLonsberry God gave us the ability to think and pray for guidance and inspiration to make take action and make c… https://t.co/P92cW9xkHe

  8. Thanks for the free umbrella @TMobile @JohnLegere ... Always nice to get free stuff, even though you have yet to gi… https://t.co/VrjYqBmsJL

  9. @13WHAM Uh huh.

  10. @13WHAM Seems overkill to resign, when the president paid $130,000 to a hooker and still is in office.

  11. @robreiner @StephMillerShow If the talks were in NK, and they kidnapped him, would anybody care?

  12. @SharpRoc @realDonaldTrump Pretty much the word I always use to describe Trump. I use it a lot to describe Schumer… https://t.co/mDRxy0V041

  13. @nytimes He got caught stealing from the taxpayer ... Quick try to hide it!

  14. @ShaunKing @StephMillerShow GOP NRA POSs value gun ownership above everything else.

  15. @joss Here's a new car honey!