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  1. That one's tricky because of a lot of the copyright stuff mixed up in there. With Spotify/youtube, there's direct relationships in place with the music labels to enable a subset of it. Going beyond that - a lot of the legacy gatekeepers are going to freak out, just from the perception that "their" content is residing on someone's device at any point in time, and therefore far more monies should be paid to them for that "privilege".
  2. Same here - I've never had terribly good luck with 3rd party stores. With the corporate stores, it's always good to remember you can call in to customer care and complain about them, pretty easy to get bill credit as well as provide feedback that ends up pushed down to the store itself. With 3rd parties, good luck on any escalation...
  3. What should we have learned? As far as I'm concerned, Googlorola did as much as I could have wanted - Motorola phones got revitalized, UI elements became sane, and they took a giant leap forward at least in my mental market share model when it came to android phones.
  4. Still waiting on the 800 MHz launch to start... the NV 1.0 otherwise seems largely complete, though I'd imagine tuning is still ongoing.
  5. Thankfully, these are going to be sprint owned spaces, so fingers crossed, they should actually have working models. Though I'm guessing that'll be somewhat limited in the April 10 version of life - from working with those fixtures previously, they're close to impossible to secure so that phones don't just disappear.
  6. Yeah, it's more around acquiring logos to use in sales slides and references - every company selling to others loves to be able to say "and look at all of these companies you want to be like, they use our product [x]". We call them Nascar slides most of the time.
  7. It's actually neither of those things. Part of my job function is sales - new "logo" acquisition just means they're trying to acquire new customers in business to business sales. Looking at the job description, the role's being quota'd on them bringing in 25+ business accounts - or 25+ new companies to buy Sprint services, probably related to the new announcement about the Workplace as a service offering.
  8. I'm curious how much interference there actually is. It sounds to me like Oakland was just grasping at straws with a "And it's his fault! Not ours. Never our fault!".
  9. Last I heard around here, that was the original plan, and we all know how long those last... about until they encounter the real world. I think a lot are, but not all, due to all the delays.
  10. Scalable? Yes. Instantly? No. Also, don't forget, to get B25 LTE live, some sites launched with missing or duct-taped backhaul due to delays from companies like C-Link.
  11. Me either - though I'm just glad to see the acceptances starting at least. Long ways to go though.
  12. And looks like 800's starting... 2 800 CDMA updates in market, one in the metro area.
  13. Never under-estimate the complexities of enterprise systems and integrations, especially those between companies. I work for a living on a ton of enterprise wide architecture projects for companies, and it never ceases to amaze me how much baggage/oddities crop up in several of them. I'm guessing when Apple and Sprint integrated to begin with, unlocking was not something that was planned for at all, so this is them working together to scramble and put something in, along with modifying a host of systems to match. Much like any enterprise projects, seldom do things go fully to schedule or plan, so I'm sure they'll get there - just takes time, to reiterate the "patience" call in the thread.
  14. Coverage has nothing* to do with speed. Merely that you can get a usable signal for LTE/Spark, which it appears you can. *Yes, it's a prerequisite, but says nothing about the backhaul, congestion, or 25 other factors that go into speed..
  15. Yeah, about 8 years ago I worked for Radio Shack running a town's worth of stores. Even then, dealer stores were on their way out. Practically all metropolitan RS stores are company-owned, as a rule of thumb, only the more rural ones were dealer owned, where they had product needs outside the corporate set. (Dealer stores could sell other products beyond a "normal" RS, which caused all kinds of customer confusion, but that's another story)
  16. Personally, I'm just a little miffed they kept the 3mbps definition on the upstream. Heaven forbid someone want to upload video, let alone high quality, and do anything else at the same time. And that's not even starting on the plethora of cloud-based backups that could be used with better bandwidth.
  17. I'll take whatever I can get. Just mildly annoyed at being in buildings downtown, getting little to no signal on my personal sprint phone, pull out the work Verizon phone, and a solid LTE link is present. With the NV work so far, happens far less often than it used to - but just had it happen to me yesterday for a few multi-hour meetings deep in tower city buildings.
  18. I would expect a new wave coming soon - according to the FCC's license site, looks like 800 MHz licenses become available for Sprint's use Feb 10 of this year... assuming I'm reading this right, that is... and then I might actually be able to get good 1X and LTE signal in building, fingers crossed. http://wireless2.fcc.gov/reband800/search_result_display.htm?callsign=&public_safety_region=&vacated_date_from=&vacated_date_to=&frequency_assigned_e=&frequency_assigned=&frequency_upper_band=&frequency_search=A&match_type=A&display_rows=10&sorted_by=callsign&sort_order=ASC&rec_count=8226&start=41&end=50&process_id=60553&curPage=5&reqPage=1
  19. Though I would say that those are not able to actually restrict pricing activities themselves - only "Minimum Advertised Price" - only advertising and marketing activities that would not be termed as monopolistic practices.. Other than that, and as long as the retailer is willing to take the price/margin hit, they can sell for whatever they want. There's only usually ~3% profit for retailers on electronics in general, so that doesn't really give them much room if they want to move the price independently.
  20. You know what else is in category 2B? Coffee, Gasoline, and Talc powder. I somehow doubt that designation by itself warrants banning... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_IARC_Group_2B_carcinogens#Mixtures
  21. No, you have to go to Botswana, then you can call from there. Buy the plane ticket first.
  22. Haven't, though I'll be out that way late next month - can check on the 1X then.
  23. I don't think it's IBEZ, pretty sure that's largely addressed for Cleveland - see the 800 MHz deploys over in Sandusky - see link in PM following, from premier forums around reasons...
  24. The actual LTE tower rollout itself in NEO is pretty much done, from looking at maps - there's about a dozen towers or so in the metro area that look to be anything other than 3G & 4G accepted. I'm sure the area's queued for tuning, which will help (though as noted, some tuning's been done - hence better voice coverage), and we're still waiting for the damn metro public services to get their asses off of the 800 MHz stuff so that it can be deployed. Once that happens, should dramatically help voice penetration, and hopefully not too long after LTE penetration.
  25. I know there's been retuning exercises going on - and they're still trying to run out the last few towers that aren't fully upgraded with 3G & LTE. Other than that - they're going to be working on expanding 1X and LTE into the 800 MHz range, but as of last notice are blocked/hindered by Cleveland Metro Area's rebanding of the public support usage frequencies, not to mention the border area with Canada. Those are coming, but timelines are fluid - I'm hoping by Winter, though, give the 800MHz deploys elsewhere. On the Spark topic - definitely some of that going on given the past Clearwire presence here. Though I wouldn't say that's the pure focus - likely just what's unblocked at the moment. Haven't heard anything about the new 8T8R deploys starting here yet, though that'd be awesome if it happens.
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