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  1. Where in Appleton? In Combined Locks I've been pulling 70's to mid 80's for a couple weeks.
  2. http://m.androidcentral.com/sprint-confirms-wimax-shutdown-november-6-2015
  3. Looking at other markets, Chicago and Northern Indiana are out as well
  4. #1 is most likely, using street view on google maps there is a tower not far from there that looked like it only had 1 provider on it. Is there a tower in Bear Creek too?
  5. I was not involved with the system setup, I'm just an end user but i believe they used a small company called foxcomm for the integration.
  6. Our county uses a product called HipLink..it works fairly well. I usually recieve my sms pages at the same time I recieve the voice page out.
  7. Any idea when we will hear more details and whether we'll be happy or not? It would be a great fit, allowing Sprint to focus on metro builds and USCC on rural. Of course t-mobile and ATT could both benefit from same.
  8. What is involved with adding a second carrier? Is it adding an additional card and associated software or is it more complex?
  9. If you go to the engineering screens it will show you the band you're on. I'm not sure the dialer code you need, I know they've posted it on the iPhone6 thread somewhere.
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