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  1. @EricWBourgeois @pwilliamsNHL my dreams and nightmares all at once. (I love Utica too) lol

  2. @jasonn27 @LetsGoAmerks surely.

  3. @wnyh2234 @LetsGoAmerks these are the type of players that make my season tickets so much of a bargain to me. Jake… https://t.co/a8KQkA1qab

  4. @webby1515 @djsaletta @LetsGoAmerks agreed.

  5. Colin Blackwell... best Amerk in the last decade.

  6. @jasonn27 @LetsGoAmerks if he sign just an American League deal he could be exposing himself... don't blame him on… https://t.co/qtJG6zqV7L

  7. RT @DuffyOnWCMF: Colin Blackwell has two goals for @AmerksHockey ... He'll also be signing autographs along with Danny O'Regan at @X_CheckC…

  8. @McBride every year it seems to get tougher

  9. @LetsGoAmerks Sabres and Amerks stay healthy... might make for an interesting q4 of our season.

  10. @WompFump "that's what she said " ... I'll show myself out now.

  11. RT @Twiztidreality5: @mcfw the seebreeze structure fire on Nixon share away and take whomever https://t.co/JubVCkKb3f

  12. @GoldenKnights good news: Your twitter account

  13. @jasonn27 @LetsGoAmerks Baptiste is not a prospect to me any longer... hope to be wrong and have him work out to… https://t.co/6NZarvRxPL

  14. hey @ATT .... thank you for being an @AmerksHockey and Sabres sponsor... I am a customer and truly appreciate it.

  15. Hahahahaha https://t.co/y84NEVRiZw