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  1. While I acknowledge the real victim of Sprint's announcement today are Sprint's employees, our fellow hard working Americans, many of whom will be out of a job or have their promotions revoked, I have a question for our group here. Given today's announcement of budget cuts, to the tune of about 10% of expenses or $2.5B, is this an admission of sorts of failure of the NV program? Maybe not from a technology sense, but more from an acknowledgement that NV didn't do for the organization's network operational efficiency, subscriber churn, and new customer acquisition what it was expected to when announced over 4 years ago. Thoughts?
  2. Noticed yesterday at the Logan Square station. Couldn't believe my eyes, thought my phone was acting crazy at first. Going through the tunnels at full 4G LTE bars.
  3. I was thinking the same, thought always a pleasure to see a large corporation acknowledge pros and cons of their service outside of standard marketing rhetoric.
  4. Sounds like a mis-alignment of expectations here. For whatever reason most of us expected by mid 2015 all the tweaks and additions to the network post NV 1.0 would be in place by now. I can't remember if that came from heresay, insider info, or via physical announcement from Sprint. I had the same expectations, 8x8TR, band optimization, carrier aggregation, that you would see all these things fully in place by now. I can't recall if/when there is some termination date for the NV program, maybe its rapidly approaching in our minds, and without the benefits of the features I mentioned being found implemented widely enough its causing some anxiety from Chicago users.
  5. I have come to a similar realization as well. The more moving parts, the more ingredients that go into making the final product, the more complicated and heterogeneous the final product and roll-out of the final product becomes. I work on large ePlatform transformation projects and we see this all the time with our clients. Simply put a heck of a lot as to align, and align perfectly, for you to get what you believe you signed up for, or what you believe Sprint sold you and everyone on. Its why I hate projects that are vendor heavy, took many cooks and you get dishes & pairings that don't quite turn out right. Sprint has to stitch 3 sets of electromagnetic spectrum together in order to offer the advertised performance; for data, calls, and texts. That's 3 machines that have to be built perfectly, independently, and from the ground up, and then stitched together with technology from both the software and hardware perspective on both the carriers and the consumers end. And I haven't event mentioned that fact that the hardware implementation is with 3 separate vendors too! That's a heck of a lot that has to go right and go right in every area you go to, in order to feel good about NV and Sprint's promises. And its going to take time, and there are going to be pieces that fall through the cracks and there are going to be areas, neighborhoods, and cities and that don't perform like their neighbors. I don't think its a stretch to say TMO, VZW, and ATT have an innate advantage that the performance of their service has been for the most part tied to one electromagnetic spectrum block's deployment. That inherently makes their LTE easier to deploy, manage, and maintain. I think the point is that to make this deduction from knowledge about the NV program, Sprint's technology, and their competitors technology (primarily from discussions on this site) is routine. It's like reminding the GF who bitches about you never being home that she knew what she signed up for when she started dating an IT consultant who travels for a living. Just like this nameless GF, you should know what you signed up for with Sprints NV Transformation project, especially as an informed S4GRU member. And it isn't a stretch to come to the conclusion that Sprint's hill is the steepest to climb, will take the longest to get to the top, and may or may not be worth the wait for you. And I have no recourse in saying that for me it wasn't, so I left. I am a happy TMO customer.
  6. Yeah I was there. I saw COWs parked on Columbus on both sides of the festival (North and South entrance). I have no idea what carrier they belonged to. I was thinking I really wished that they would label them with color or Logo so customers can tell if they carrier is "going the extra mile" at their local event. Wouldn't that be nice. Anyway, I only used my TMO device there, calls were fine. Data was so-so at best. Had plenty of LTE, but it went in and out of usability. One second I can check scores, FB, and upload videos just fine and the next I can't do a thing and it all times out. That was a crowd of probably 50K, imagine the old Taste of Chicago crowds or Lolla, 250K people!!!
  7. Our friend Vince would be a good source to ask. He drives around the city constantly for work and surely knows where the 3G spots are, if any at this point, and can provide a good view into the handoff between LTE and 3G drops.
  8. You could also go to sensorly.com and load and check out the LTE coverage and speed tests map views for Chicago and compare the carriers that way.
  9. Similar sentiments. I have TMO and Sprint. My TMO LTE has been great in cities, not so great once I venture out. I mean like drive 80 miles outside of the city to hit the slopes or go camping/hiking, no LTE. Sprint has better coverage out away from the Urban centers and LTE coverage where TMO falls to HSPA or even EDGE.
  10. I actually enhanced a couple brief emails with White Sox VP of Marketing Brooks Boyer about this subject a couple years ago. He acknowledged it was strange to have a company brand the ballpark that has no services or customers in Chicago anymore, but all he could really offer was that the Sox were aware of the strategic changes at USCC and had no plans for a change to the name of the park anytime soon. Strange situation, but is what it is.
  11. Unless there is TMO tower ontop of the mall there how can that be, the Sprint B25 and TMO B4 have similar propagation characteristics because they lie in almost the same spot in the electromagnetic spectrum.
  12. I don't think thats accurate. There is a full 3G/4G/800 site at 24th and Canal. That's about 1/4 mile from Wentworth and 22nd, which is the heart of Chinatown. eHRPD and B25 should be strong, won't speak for B26 and B41 in this forum.
  13. Funny I was in chinatown last night. It's what my people do on christmas! Indoors at the restaurant I had 3G only on my Sprint device and HSPA+ on my TMO device. Speeds weren't pretty on either.
  14. I believe you are stuck in spectrum limbo. San Bernadino hasn't been playing nice in terms of vacating their spectrum so Sprint can deploy 800mhz service, both 1x and LTE. They are 100% screwing over Sprint users in this area. Can't comment on B41 other than like you have probably noticed LA isn't a mature market for B41, don't know why, just another example that some markets are further along then others and for everyone who loves their service in Atlanta or Houston there is someone who hates theirs in Southern California or San Diego. Is what it is, you live in a non mature market, you can wait it out and hope, or you can go to another carrier that doesn't have these issues. Free will my friend.
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