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  1. Picked up B41 at Logan today... My first taste! 55 mbps down... My friend on T-Mobile can now officially suck it
  2. That's awesome, when I saw only one version online for $199.99 I assumed it was the 16GB version. Now, I just have to wait for silver...
  3. I'm really curious about the silver version of this phone. The gunmetal grey version is obviously the flagship so that's everywhere, and apparently best buy has exclusivity on the gold (what gives, it's 2014) but all I really care about is the silver. When will that be available? Also from what I understand only the 16 GB version is available now. Am I wrong about that? If not, when do you guys think the 32 GB version will go on sale? 32 GB silver is the dream
  4. What do you mean 2yr subsidy pricing is going away? Is this confirmed, or a thoery based on the market trend (T-Mobile, etc.)
  5. Oh I see. A coincidence, then. That being said, considering 32,833 out of 39,352 sites have received some upgrades (~83%) perhaps Sprint just sent out a blanket text, considering 5/6 as largely complete. Oh, well.
  6. Just got the following text today: SprintFreeMsg: Over the next month the new network will be largely completed in your area making it better than ever! http://sprint.us/network1 Reply S to stop Must have signed up for updates or something. It's awesome how this exactly matches the scheduled completion date on this thread. S4GRU is one step ahead of ya, Sprint!
  7. Sorry for the novice question, but when it comes to 800 smr, is it 1x800 or CDMA 800? I've always considered it 1x and only used for voice and text signal (so you could be connected to 1x800 for voice and text and LTE 1900 for data) but I've noticed some people refer to it as CDMA 800 as well. So can it handle data as well? P.S. is 800 smr 1x advanced? Sorry again for such an axiomatic question.
  8. This is awesome: (latest acceptance report) Boston – 465 updates (5 LTE, 458 CDMA 800) My jaw dropped so hard.
  9. Recent site acceptances have had huge waves of dozens of 1x800 finally going live in MA, after for so long having none
  10. True story, I agree, I was just pointing out my findings. For me, as long as I can stream HD YouTube videos without buffering, I'm happy. But it is what it is. Didn't mean for that post to get to so long, I basically was crunching the numbers out of curiosity then decided to share.
  11. This whole time, I've been patiently waiting for LTE to finally reach my area. Because that was the goal - that was the end. And, with Sprint's improvements, it's steadily been coming closer. But now, I realize, that LTE comes in a lot of flavors. Sure obviously there are different frequencies, backhauls, etc. that impact performance, but to the regular consumer, it comes down to speed. And Sprint is simply the slowest - so much slower than every other carrier! Sensorly made this clear to me, it lets you look at a portion of a map and gives information based on speed test done by users of LTE on all four carriers. It comes down to the following chart: Fraction of speed test results, by carrier, within download speed categories. Like.... just... 92% below 15 Mbps Sprint? Really? This isn't surprising though, I've noticed it in my own speed tests. I exported them into Excel (29 LTE tests of the last month) and found: A mean result of 8.7 mbps A median of 7.8 mbps, and the following distribution (histogram): Basically what I'm saying is, on average, Sprint's LTE is overwhelmingly slow compared to other carriers (even peak speeds are substantially lower - I'd say about half as much, and that's being generous). Now I know what you're gonna say - but Sprint Spark, TDD-LTE, upgraded backhaul are rolling out as we speak, bringing greater speed joy! To what end though - it's not like the other carriers are not improving their LTE networks, too. Then, of course, you might say, Sprint's network is improving faster than other carriers' networks are, so in the long run it will overtake them. And to that I say - really? The order of LTE launches: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile. But while Sprint improves its network in stages (3G, 1900 MHz LTE, backhaul, 800 MHz LTE, 2500 MHz LTE, and on), T-Mobile and AT&T are already there (where Sprint Spark is trying to take us) with peak speeds of over 50 mbps! And you can't argue that AT&T's amazing speeds are because it's newer and therefore less saturated - because it's not. Who knows how much T-Mobile and AT&T will have progressed by the time Sprint Spark finishes rolling out? On that note I'd like to end this rant/post with the following disclaimer: the data here reflect Sprint speeds in my area (around Boston) - I can't claim to know the nationwide state of Sprint's network, so if you're enjoying consistent 20+ mbps, then congrats and I wonder why it's not happening here, in this first round market. Maybe there is a reason? Who knows...
  12. http://www.androidcentral.com/sprint-spark-theoretical-speeds-are-theoretical Sometimes I wish all journalism was accurate... Considering he probably wasn't even connected to spark 65% of the time.
  13. Thanks! This makes sense. One last question: will the 15,000 clearwire sites only broadcast band 41 LTE, or will they also broadcast bands 25 and 26 (and, for that matter, 3G and 1xRTT)? Thanks again Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  14. Since basically all 38,000 Sprint sites will be getting band 41 eventually, will that information be there too? Clearwire sites are separate from the 38,000 right?
  15. Band 41 is yellow... So what is "turbo" then? It's not even yellow on the map (even though it's listed as a part of Sprint spark) Sprint's explanation of "turbo": Enhanced LTE with super high speed capability
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