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  1. This would help the resale value of these devices because each device could be used on any US network. No need to go hunting for a carrier specific version. Smart move by Samsung.
  2. To quote someone from Android central comments: It has the tri-band support, but the other two LTE bands aren't turned on by Sprint. You can do this though http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2515798&highlight=msl.
  3. I read that the tri-band capability is not activated out of the box and that you need to change the settings and get a code from customer care to activate it...
  4. Thanks, Robert. I got the nexus 5 and quickly realized that it was not ready for prime time on Sprint's network yet. This article explains why. Keep up the great work.
  5. Tri-band LTE or bust. I am not going to bother buying another phone on sprint that doesn't have tri-band LTE. If you don't have that, there's no way to take full advantage of the awesome network capabilities that are coming down the road.
  6. We had a Cake boss made cake today. Wasn't bad, but I wouldn't wait in line for it like tourists in Hoboken. http://t.co/353rrtJEgn

  7. At the Samsung Galaxy S4 unveiling, JK Shin said that TD-LTE would be supported on the S4, which to me seemed to indicate that it would include the 2.5Ghz spectrum (band class 41?). If so, this would be the first sprint phone that would be able to handle TD-LTE. Does anyone have any more information about this? It sounded like Robert was told previously not to expect handsets with support for TD-LTE until the second half, but if it is indeed the case that this will include TD-LTE support, it would make the S4 the device to get over the HTC One for future proofing purposes. Just curious if anyone has any more info.
  8. Day 5 Contest: Win a Nexus 10 16GB From Droid Life! #5daysofnexus – Droid Life http://t.co/qlN6RtAxWB via @droid_life

  9. Really bad traffic in the #lincolntunnel this morning, folks as the middle tube seems to be shut.

  10. 'Dumbphone' in contention to be added to Oxford English Dictionary http://t.co/fwMvbEdX via @verge

  11. Happy New Year! :-)

  12. [Four Days Of Tegra International Holiday Giveaway] Day One: Win One Of Two Nexus 7 3G's From NVIDIA http://t.co/XNhCl7Wh via @AndroidPolice

  13. [Android Police Holiday Giveaway #2] Win One Of Twenty (Yes, 20) Awesome Android Phones From Sprint http://t.co/76hWWa6b via @AndroidPolice

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