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  1. I'm at my parents' house in South Windsor. Tried getting any signal on my mom's S3 and not even getting data connection. We're in that grey spot on Sensorly. I got fed up and switched to T-Mobile and they're turning on LTE towers daily here. Hopefully your speeds are similar when you get it.
  2. That's great and all but doesn't this belong in the Southern CT thread?
  3. It's not that I wouldn't be willing to come back someday, but I called and they can't even give an estimate if it'll be a a couple months or a year. I know it probably won't be a year, but still... The fact that they admitted that they don't look at the towers ahead to see what level of work they're going to have to do annoys me as someone who has studied public planning.
  4. If things don't look better by May 1, I might have to switch to T-Mobile. I can't live with 150 kb/s for an extended amount of time.
  5. I think they've started downtown. My signal has gone to hell in the way people have described before.
  6. Any way to know when downtown Hartford upgrades might start and how to keep up to date? I have a good view from my office to observe.
  7. If Northern CT is at 10%, do you think they may light it up early as it's ahead of schedule?
  8. I've never gotten any signal in Chicago Sam's (I still call it Rookie's. lol) I have a feeling the rollout is all of CT. I'm seeing towers approved for 4g LTE in South Windsor and other east of the river towns. It also follows their idea that they are doing rural areas first since no tower notes for Hartford, West Hartford or Manchester.
  9. What does the complete column on the chart mean? There's one in South Windsor that shows complete and is only like a quarter mile from my parents' house. Does complete mean work is complete or approval for work is complete? Also why are there random central and northern towns in there. South Windsor is east of the river, not that I'm complaining. That particular tower is on Sand Hill and as you can see, it states it's for a 4g LTE upgrade.
  10. http://www.ct.gov/pura/site/default.asp This is the department that regulates tower upgrades. They are who you want to call an show support for the tower upgrades. I got this link from a friend who is a state rep.
  11. As stated before, this isn't Sprint's fault. This is due to the state zoning regulations that forces a hearing process for this kind of update. The state tourism department is very protective of the skylines.
  12. Call PURA for more details. They handle that portion of CT's planning for utilities. They also hold public hearings.
  13. Talking to a state rep friend on who we can talk to as citizens to advocate for it in CT.
  14. I'm checking in with a state rep that I went to high school with. He says it's hard in CT because there's heavy defense of the skyline for tourism purposes within the state. Looking for ways maybe citizens can expedite the process.