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  1. RT @Rach0912: If you don’t Then you don’t love me at deserve me at my April 8th…

  2. RT @turdwig_: https://t.co/w09SjLBbaY

  3. RT @pjkfl: daaAAAaaAaAaAAdy? https://t.co/TZAlCuNY13

  4. RT @gsheffr: just minding my business at the family Easter brunch until my mom goes "tell me something i don't know" & my 5 yr old niece re…

  5. @timgloriod @BeccaPfeifauf Explain to me why this Mexican van can have cup holders but planes can't. I'm waiting. https://t.co/YYx8Z3B3uX

  6. RT @squidslippers: my parents made me play soccer for 10 years when i was growing up. soccer?? really?? they couldn't have made me do actin…

  7. RT @_biancamarie: photography is cancelled until everyone stops posting with thet disposable camera app I mean I know you didn’t take it in…

  8. RT @SaltyMusicStan: Me: "I'm going to take a quick shower brb" *45 minutes later* Me: https://t.co/ICIiQnqwXa

  9. RT @SaltyMusicStan: Me: "I'm going to take a quick shower brb" *45 minutes later* Me: https://t.co/ICIiQnqwXa

  10. RT @Peytonsams: I hope whoever took One Step at a Time by Jordin Sparks off Spotify is having the worst night possible

  11. RT @collegeprobIem: college is nice. you can wear the same shirt two days in a row if you have to because your MWF people don't know about…

  12. RT @coffeespoonie: i want to be extremely clear about this: i never *don't* want pictures of your dog. it is never a bad or inappropriate…

  13. RT @_heyja: *gets ghosted* Me: thank you for the 15-day free trial

  14. RT @Philip_Ellis: When Netflix freezes to ask if you’re still watching and you see yourself reflected in the screen https://t.co/tDdSSN6PR5

  15. RT @amarchi13: since snapchat decided to become incompetent all further inquiries can be sent to my nintendo ds in chat room c

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