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  1. I was at 620 and Anderson Mill Road and got 26MBs down. The network is expanding!
  2. Using my HTC EVO 4G LTE phone.... I was in the Krispy Kreme parking lot at 12586 Research Blvd Austin, TX between McNeil and Oak Knoll and tested the 4G LTE speeds and got 36 MBs down and 14MBs up. This is on the new Sprint 4G LTE towers. On Sprints 4G Wimax a couple of years ago I got 10MBs down. So a significant increase!
  3. I tried the tower near 183 and McNeil that Themosstoys was talking about. I was about a 1/2 mile east of 183 on McNeil. I got half the speeds you did. Instead of 13 up I got 6 up. Was I in the right place? Maybe they had some of it shut down? Objectively speaking 6 up was good but out expectations have risen with LTE being implemented.
  4. In regards to ATX4Gs comments about 58Mbsp. About 2 months ago I was at an AT&T store checking out their 4G speeds. They got about 15Mbps down at the store. He said when they were right next to a tower in Bee Caves they got 45 Mbsp down. I have been a lifetime Sprint customer and hope to get similar results on my EVO 4G LTE phone. On my old EVO 4G I got 10Mbsp on WiMax in the Arboretum so I am optimistic about LTE. Those speed tests also vary a lot depending on the server you use. I have had best results, many times better, using servers in Dallas and not Austin where I live.
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