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    The dumber that people think you are, the more surprised they will be when you kill them.
  1. RT @JimCarrey: Dear Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery @NPG, I know it’s early but I’d like to submit this as the official portrait of o…

  2. RT @F1: Ouch... ? ? #AusGP ?? #F1isBack https://t.co/GW5Ke7H9Oc

  3. RT @JArrieta34: ???✌? https://t.co/vFGFQArISb

  4. @FaZeyolo123jump @becauseicare21 @Klynnrossi @SIIPReports @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews *you’re

  5. RT @elonmusk: Apparently, some customs agencies are saying they won’t allow shipment of anything called a “Flamethrower”. To solve this, we…

  6. RT @ForceIndiaF1: Ready for a competition? Simply retweet and follow to be in with a chance to win one of three @Formula1game Fan packs - F…

  7. The Oscar goes to Cars! #MakeADayBetterIn5Words https://t.co/vFMzVgP4uY

  8. RT @COTA: HE DID IT https://t.co/Tx76gq3wQ3

  9. RT @Wendys: One year ago we roasted someone so badly they deleted their account. Join us here Thursday, January 4th as we celebrate #Nati…

  10. @klikkonthis @tomhanks

  11. RT @PhilCollinsFeed: If you play 'In The Air Tonight’ by Phil Collins on December 31st at 11:56:40 the drum break will play right as the cl…

  12. @realDonaldTrump Is this for real? Did I miss the part when you became the great listener we should all aspire to be?

  13. RT @fightfortheftr: Everyone! We can still overturn the FCC vote to kill #NetNeutrality. A Congressional Resolution of Disapproval only req…

  14. I'd like to thank you, @realDonaldTrump. Without your support for Moore I'm not sure Jones could have pulled that off. Thank you, Alabama.

  15. RT @Wendys: *looks at logo on bag* You failed. https://t.co/DStUGEySbF

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