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  1. savageman13

    HTC Bolt

    I remember my WiMax Evo 4g... and then my Evo 4g LTE... I always liked HTC. I think that's why I want to go with a Pixel I switched to Fi, but I do like the idea of Sprint teaming up again to make a phone to showcase the network.
  2. savageman13

    Nexus 5X User Thread (LG H790)

    So my device decided to not power on anymore today... I think its a sign I need to order a Pixel Called Google support and apparently today was the last day of the 1 year warranty.. YAY, didn't have to use the Nexus protect. I really didn't want to spend $79 more to get a replacement if it was a hardware issue.
  3. I'm in the Phoenix area, and I have Project Fi. I noticed a few months ago that it was showing Band 12 on T-Mobile in Phoenix. That was not even possible until at least last week when TV channel 51 moved to 31. Do you know how accurate the band determination is on a Nexus 5X? I wanted to keep an eye out for when Band 12 is acutally released here, but I know I have to have some false positive information. Is there an engineering screen like there is when I am on Sprint(* # * # DEBUG # * # *)?
  4. The reason it is a problem with Project FI, is that you are using Sprints network, so they have to register your IMEI with Sprint. When Fi does that if flags your phone as a wholesale phone. When you try to bring it back to Sprint, they have issues changing it from wholesale to native Sprint. TMobile and ATT and Verizon do not have this issue.
  5. Love the 5X. It is a little bigger than the N5 I had, but I am already used to it. Fi in Phoenix has been good.
  6. I wish Phoenix would get moving on replacing their Emergency Responder network that is squatting on the 800Mhz, and now that I'm on Fi, I want the channel 51 ION television to vacate the lower 700Mhz so we could get band 12 here.... arghh
  7. savageman13

    Nexus 5X User Thread (LG H790)

    I went into my *#*#DATA#*#* LTE menu, and I notice that "CA Enabled" is set to off. I'm on Project Fi. I wonder if there is a reason that is disabled.... hmmm
  8. Just activated my Fi account! I was using Sprint GV integration, so I disabled that before porting my Sprint number over, no issues. Ported within a few minutes. One less SERO plan user, and Fi will still probably be cheaper for the amount of data I use.
  9. I have to say the bright yellow is hard to read the text. Wonder if you could invert to black text on Yellow. Also i did not notice yellow on LTE or 1x icon in my notification shade, only the ehrpd/evdo icon. I think the color coding is nice, especially once I switch to Project Fi when my 5X arrives. Marshmallow 6.0 on Nexus 5
  10. I waited till the new phones to request my invite, and it appears that they are giving instant invites. Not sure if everywhere, but another friend in the Phoenix area and I both got instant invites. SIM card will arrive 10/23-27 though, soon after my Nexus 5X will arrive!
  11. Did they not realize that limiting streaming is completely against Net Neutrality, and would end up like ATT with a huge fine of $100 Million. Did I miss something from the past few months of FCC decisions?
  12. Looks like SCP is working on the new Android Lollipop Preview that was released today.
  13. savageman13

    Google Nexus 9 by HTC (2014)

    http://www.google.com/nexus/9/ Shows Sprint on the pre-order section. Now if only they showed what bands they use...
  14. savageman13

    Google Nexus 9 by HTC (2014)

    Im interested to see what LTE bands it will support. They were very general with the Network specs on the tableb, where the Nexus 6 specifically called out the bands.
  15. savageman13

    Announcing...Honored Premier Sponsor

    Uh oh.... I'm about to be knocked off... Ill have to fix that soon.