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  1. Pretty much everything your saying is what I'm experiencing. Using a GS5 and I also downloaded an app called LTE Discovery and it was showing band 26 for a brief second and switch back to 3G. Once band 26 is fully up and running should experience spark speeds in town?
  2. Anyone else having issues staying connected to LTE from the Industrial Drive and Briggs Hill towers? Pretty much for the past week or so, it won't stay connected and 3G is back to being basically useless. Bowling Green, is the location.
  3. The overall performance of LTE in Bowling Green has been fantastic. I have about 4 months left on my contract with sprint and was going to determine whether I stayed with the company based on it. I can definitely say, I'll be sticking with them a couple more years.
  4. Now that those places have launched officially, what kind of speeds do you all pull down on avg?
  5. I'm starting to pick up lte speeds around the Morgantown Road Walmart, in Bowling Green. When I opened Signal Check Pro the speeds were coming from both the WKU tower and the industrial drive tower. Edit: It's also coming from the Briggs Hill site as well.
  6. I've been able to connect all the way down to Subway in veterans memorial from the industrial tower. However, it was just the signal not the speed itself. Most of the time any speed test would time out. It's finally coming to bg and I'm excited.
  7. Yes, it is, you can download it from either app store. It's definitely the best coverage map available and far more accurate than the actual carriers. Also, I've seen that more of Bg has been mapped but I still have yet to even get a 4G signal in any of those areas.
  8. I drove by there after work today, about 5:30 and picked up nothing but 3g. I guess they've turned it back off for now and it's in a testing phase.
  9. Roaming in Bowling Green. As in, I'm sitting in my house using my phone and it'll start roaming. I live in town and with a couple miles from a tower.
  10. In comparison to the rest of the market, Bg has been neglected so far. I mean Glasgow has lte. However, I have noticed I am roaming a lot more often than I was prior to the first sights being launched in the state.
  11. Here's s the first mapped area using sensorly. http://imgur.com/0OUQjO5
  12. I don't live in Glasgow, it was my sister who sent it to me, and it was her first time doing anything like this. So, can't expect her to get understand everything I needed. I've been a long time lurker, just never had a reason to post until now.
  13. http://imgur.com/hYORVdb This was taken right outside of Glasgow itself. The first one using speedtest was actually in Glasgow itself.
  14. Good news Everyone! http://imgur.com/a/gFHis This was at my sisters house in Bonus Ayr between Glasgow and Bowling Green.
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