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  1. @Sarah_Gish Keep chains like an urban Target to the CBD Loop, River Market and Xroads should remain as mostly local… https://t.co/xgH3bopkBn

  2. @BikeShareKC Why are half of the stations down according to map?

  3. @SpencerDan @AppleSupport I'm fed up too. The 11.1.2 update is even worse with battery drain and app crashes. I'm… https://t.co/Bm8VKHL0qt

  4. @SofieDenied @united Often fly United a few times a year. Never EVER again. EVER.

  5. Sitting in KC airport getting weak Band 26/800mhz LTE at the moment and then it goes to 3G once in a while in some spots. Nice to see 800LTE alive but surprising the airport in Sprint's home market doesn't have solid enough LTE coverage.
  6. For anyone interested in a real world Google Fiber review from someone who actually has it, I've been working on one here... http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r29157624-Google-Fiber-Kansas-City
  7. I'm in Tampa area on Wednesday to Brooksville for several days. Will check signal with my S5.
  8. Well ART is probably not supported by SG5 yet, it's just that it can be put in that mode for developers to test.
  9. Ah, you can go do Developer mode and turn it on. Go to Settings>About Device Tap on Build number 6 or 7 times, it will turn on Developer Mode Go back to Settings and Develop Options appears Can change from Dalvik to ART. (I haven't tried this)
  10. I checked in the Developer settings and it's on Dalvik by default, not ART.
  11. I went for S5 because I wanted removable batter and SD slot. I can also hide emergency $20 bill under battery cover.
  12. The nice thing about Android is that you can choose from dozens of different kinds of keyboards to download. All kinds of styles.
  13. Yes, I get 1900/2500 LTE and 800/1900 voice but no 800LTE yet. I was on GS3 before, the signal improvement is significant as well as performance.
  14. Here is how well SG5 performs on my Google Fiber and Sprint Spark at home. The top 3 results are Google Fiber over WiFi, the bottom 3 are Sprint Spark. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3812896/Pics/Android/GFiber%20Sprint%20SG5.png
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