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  1. I honestly could do without snow for the rest of my life. I hate the cold so much. I just got my power back after not having it for 33 hours. Central Illinois didn't fare to well with the Ice and High winds. Hope to move to South Carolina within the next 2 years. Only Two more winters. Hopefully.
  2. Okay, So I have a friend that I want to give my HTC One Max too but she wants to keep Straight Talk. Whenever I go to check its compatibililty on Straight talk under the sprint verification it says that it doesn't qualify. Anyways to get it to qualify. Or let the system let it go through. Its is fully paid off and wasn't in any bad standing through Sprint. Help!!! Please she hasn't ever used Sprint's service and I want her to come to a great network though it is through Straight talk.
  3. Attention everyone!!!!! I just had LTE in my house in Heritage Lake near Mackinaw for about an hour not great speeds but enough to do easy tasks. And it's at least a step forward. Im stoked. But I think that they are testing it cause it shut back off. Do they normally do testing at night for the tower turning it on and off. Ill post an image of my speeds they were near 5 Mbs at about 2 to 3 bars. Nexus 6 is my phone that it was on. Usually I can get LTE but it doesn't stay longer than five seconds so I think they are testing it thats why I had it longer than normal. Any opinions on what maybe going on. Am I correct that they may be testing. Things are starting to turn around for Mackinaw and Sprint.
  4. I was having the same thing happen to me. So, I guess they have some website updating that needs done.
  5. I have an old phone I am trying to try this service with (cause why not its free) but when I go to register the account it errors out saying something went wrong. It says my phone is eligible for the program. Also for this plan you are charged 10 dollars then that is deducted if you going over your limits and once the account is at a zero balance it will charged another ten dollars. Pretty good if you dont use a lot of minutes, texts, or data. Only being charged 10 dollars for a year of service not to shabby.
  6. The one that you mentioned past the vine yard is what I am talking about. It is right on the boarder of where Sprint bought its U.S. Cellulars Spectrum. There is no longer any equipment on top of the tower.
  7. Do you know if the tower by route nine that was an old U.S. Cellular tower is part of project Ocean. It has been stripped of its U.S. Cellular antennas. If there is a page on here for those towers can you post a link. Also if you have to be premier Ill upgrade immediately. I want to know so bad if there is going to be a tower near Mackinaw. I want some 4G love in Mackinaw All of Mackinaw.
  8. Didn't mean to make it a Downloadable file. But Inside that file it shows my speed tests from those two towns. I want Mackinaw to have this. Maybe on day in the near coming future.
  9. So, I didn't know Stanford, Illinois has a Sprint tower and it is full blown Spark. The 70+ Mbs was from their and the other two was from Danvers. Has Sprint always had a tower in Stanford. Photos_downloaded_by_AirDroid (3).zip
  10. Would this person name start with a F and end with N. LOL.
  11. Wouldn't you guys think that this would work with Sprint. It has TDD-LTE in the 2.5Ghz. Its a booster similar to the Airave but capable of 4G LTE. http://www.airvana.com/products/home-and-small-office/s1000/
  12. No there was a new tower put up in Danvers so that could what you are connecting to. I have connected to LTE near coil RD and fast ave intersection from the tower in Morton with decent speeds.
  13. You can in some spots of the town. Why have you been seeing it more. I live in Mackinaw out in Heritage Lake.
  14. I had other pictures showing it. I took these in Abingdon. I dont know why they didnt post. Ill post them.
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