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  1. I've been hibernating for awhile because I have had great service. But does anyone know if the Corning, CA tower is down? I have been sitting in the same place in my break room for nearly four years and when I got 4G LTE there it was right after October 2014 now here in 2016 all of a sudden I am not getting it anymore. I am praying its just a little tower work going on.
  2. are their any maps for oregon similar to the ones lilotimz put together for the UCV?
  3. Wow. A year ago I was pissed, was actually contemplating paying ETF fees. I am happy to say that this weekend I will be getting a new device with Sprint and I am excited about the future and having unlimited data. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
  4. i haven't picked up much in chico except on the north end. but i did start mapping glenn county the other day and will be doing more. is there lte in redding now? i dont go up there much but i can check it out next week sometime.
  5. wow really? maybe it just got lit up this morning or something because i was there tuesday night and most of yesterday and had non existent service at Walnut Ave & Elm Ave.
  6. yeah i know there is one on site that's part of the reason why is was a little suprised at such horrible service there. i didnt think work had begun on it yet.
  7. Very pleasant surprise on the way to the Kings game tonight. 4G LTE from JSO Dunnigan to the north end of Woodland. Started mapping on sensorly as soon as i noticed it. Absolutely HORRIBLE service in and around the arena, if this in indicative of the rest of the Sacramento area I really hope y'all get some relief soon. . Anyone else been up north of Sac and noticed it?
  8. So I was on the sprint.com site today just browsing and allthough I knew Corning and Red Bluff actually had LTE go live I never in my wildest dreams thought that the first orange and white 4G target dot in northern california would represent my little home area. I am still rooting for nationwide LTE coverage though cause I am staying with Sprint and I don't plan on staying home the rest of my life.
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