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  1. Thanks Hypeo, we are just a gas stop, here in Yuma..... Maybe in time ???? (Long time). Lateck,
  2. Hypeo, thank you for the update, but I do not see any faster LTE. I did upgrade to a Note 4 from my 3. Will this B41 band help me? If not, what do I need to do in the settings? Lateck,
  3. Hypeo, thanks for the south county up-date. Any word on east or north county? Say, YPG? Lateck,
  4. Anyone else not finding 4G in Yuma lately? At least not out at AWC or on the south side. Lateck,
  5. Thanks for the bad news...... That might influence my future with Sprint....... Sprint was doing so good, abet slowly. Lateck,
  6. Yes, San Luis, Arizona has Sprint LTE..... I went through SL on Hwy 95 and I got lte just past Walmart. With the strongest by the Catholic Church and it disappears by time you get close to the boarder. Lateck,
  7. Hypeo, I do not go to San Luis on a regular basis but I do go monthly. I'll be down there later this week and I'll check for LTE with my Note 3. And as for Yuma proper, I have not seen any improvement and even a little loss of LTE (4G) is many areas. But out at the college 4G is holding steady. Lateck,
  8. Any word on improved 3G ( or even 2G) in San Luis AZ? I was there this week and at times I had NO service. Had to lock my phone to Sprint only so it did not roam into Mexico...... Lateck,
  9. Hypeo; I have done a number of Speedtests around my area of travel (in Yuma proper and out to AWC) and the best Download speed I got was 0.83 Mbps.... Upload was normally a lot faster at 3.75 Mbps. So, you are right were not getting good data.... (As if your wrong, :-) ) Also, what current high end Sprint phones use band 41? (The new iPhones, I have read). Lateck,
  10. Hypeo you are partly right. I have a year old Note 3 and a two year old N2. Neither are "Tri-band". Not even sure if the N4 will be....... So how many phones are really ready around here? But I do hope your right. But I would be happy with wider coverage (say San Luis or YPG) and better 4G speeds. Lateck,
  11. That's if your phone has B41...... How many Sprint phones work on that band yet? And what about the rest of Yuma? Lateck,
  12. I don't do many speed tests as I get depressed with the results. But I'll try. Lateck,
  13. This is all well and good, but what about the folks in the urban areas? Many areas do not even have LTE much less "high speed". Yes, I do understand that the greater population centers have the dollar advantage (more subscribers). But, remember the USA is a little bit bigger than Japan or South Korea or even Europe (combined). So the fly over country should be important. Lateck,
  14. Hypeo you are very correct. I'm just saying that there is an improvement now then say 2 years ago..... With no 4G. When 4G was first rolling out the data was much faster then it is currently. I'm out at AWC a lot and Sprint's 4G is faster then the "Campus Wi-Fi" in most areas ( this is my un-scientific thoughts). Now the other company that starts with a V, is still light years faster....... So, I guess we will have to wait till the next decade for the tri-band "Spark"??? to have "fast" LTE. Lateck,
  15. Hypeo, Yes, service still sucks in most of Yuma. But it is better then 3G. (When 4G is working). Lateck,
  16. In the center of town and out to the college. 16th st to 24th st.east of 4th ave. Lateck,
  17. This morning 4G is back in Yuma. Now let's see if this rain storm will take it out again... Lateck,
  18. What has happened to 4G in Yuma? For the last 3/4 days I have not had any in any part of the town. Lateck,
  19. Well, thank you all. It was so quite here the crickets even stopped. :-D Hypeo; thanks for the Somerton up-date. MTP85743; I hope the best for you. Sprint says it will be up-grading........ ?? :-) Newgroundsguru; in my short time on this forum, there has never been a logical pattern to Sprints roll out. (There I go complaining again). :-) But, I will admit, Sprint's coverage here in the area of Yuma that I roam, has Improved! Keep in touch, Lateck
  20. I guess Sprint has the southern part of Arizona covered in total fast LTE service.... :-) I say that because the posts here have almost stopped. (We used to be called complainers). But, it is true the coverage has improved and LTE is better then the older 3G. I am still wishing the coverage would improve in south Yuma county. Are we going to see "Tri-band" in the next year? My thoughts, Lateck.
  21. Maybe true but, the coverage there is spotty for LTE. Lateck,
  22. Mine's been fixed since the first up-date. KK has fixed nothing about this issue. The latest up-date is a whole new bag of worms..... WiFi phone is good and bad. ( My two cents). Lateck,
  23. Thanks Chemist. I did not know that was there..... No instructions or information from Sprint about the software up-date....... Just what we learn here on the Inter-net. :-) Lateck,
  24. I too, just received the new 43.00mb up-date. I had to do a full re-set after KK due to I had a few apps that were moving things around on my SD card. (I have read that KK changed how files are accessed and secured). After that, things have been ok....... Let's see what the "New" stuff offers...... Lateck,
  25. You mean we won't be having "Spark" (or what ever it will be) anytime soon? :-P Lateck,
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