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  1. The title pretty much says it all. Sprint kinda sucks in my area (about 1 bar of 3G on my Nexus 5 outdoors; I can get 1 bar of LTE for a minute or so if I toggle airplane mode). So, I'm concerned about how good (or poor) the iPhone 6S or 6S+'s RF performance is. Any thoughts?
  2. 4G's up and running in at least part of Wabash right now, as of Feb. 18th. I'm not sure whether it's coming from the tower up north by US 24, or the one down south by the Wabash river. (I live almost perfectly in between the two) The speed's are slow (by LTE standards) at 4 Mbps-ish both ways and it seems to be flickering between ~95 and ~120 dBm, but it's still heads and shoulders above 3G, which is still stuck at sub-0.50 Mbps speeds. Edit: Make that 10 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up. I just went upstairs (from the basement) and those were my results.
  3. Is it just me or has the 3G become dramatically worse since December?
  4. Nope. But it was a magic one that can travel in space AND shrink down to the size of a cell, along with everything on it. It even has eyes, literally!
  5. I managed to get 20.60 Mbps down, and 8.92 Mbps up, and 49 ms ping when I was going down I-69, this was between Upland, IN and Huntington, IN. I got it on December 27 at 9:26 AM. With the exception of the ping time (by a ~20 ms margin), it's better then my home internet connection in every way. Uploading the picture onto my Twitter account literally took less then a second. Needless to say, I was pleased. I was on a school bus, if it makes a difference.
  6. Has work only started in cities specifically named in this post? Or does it include the smaller cities that aren't worth mentioning? The city I live in happens to be right between four of the named cities.
  7. Oh. Didn't realize that. Let me rephrase my original post. What ever happened to the maps of the scheduled activity?
  8. If you don't mind me asking, what ever happened to those maps pinned to the top of the forums that showed which sites had been completed? It's been a couple weeks since I've seen them.
  9. The South Bend LTE deployment is older news. To be frank, I don't really care about people living in/by South Bend. I only care about my tiny little town getting LTE.
  10. So it is, tentatively, going to finish in February 2012? Regardless of when it finishes, virtually every cell tower will have 4G LTE service when the market deployment is complete, correct?
  11. Does this mean the Sprint's estimated completion date (which, by your estimates, are extremely optimistic) might actually be met because they started two months early?
  12. Y'all might be interested to note that Sprint just released a list of cities where 4G LTE deployment is underway. That list includes virtually every major city in the Ft. Wayne/South Bend market.
  13. Concerning the Ft. Wayne/South Bend market, is it being bumped up to an earlier completion date? Sprint just released a press release saying the 4G LTE deployment is underway in virtually every major city in the Ft. Wayne/South Bend market.
  14. JetPens Blog: LunaTik Touch Pen http://t.co/HYmKJyjW

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