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  1. From my understanding the 5G symbol displays on phones due to an Upperlayer packet being sent to tell the phone to display 5G , even without 5G being present. It is why you can see 5G NR band 5 on ATT, and not see a 5G symbol as the indicator. If you would like I work for ATT, and ny work shows a 5G indicator, but has no NR, and Just up the street a few miles I get an LTR indicator, but have NR band 5 showing. Maybe it can help you out
  2. Yeah Just dialing the *3001#12345#* is a pain. Having the widgets on the screen would be easier for sure
  3. So I was able to end up compiling the package, and even get the widget to be added on. Can’t get the app to display info as my iPhone X isn’t jail broken with root access privileges(think it needs it if I am seeing it correct). Will post some screen shots. Not sure where to go from here until a jailbreak happens for 11.2.1. https://imgur.com/a/2WEBFuj
  4. I was able to recompile it using the Code given, but nothing happens on the IOS 11.2.1. Just a black screen. Not sure what I can do with little code history, But I am trying to play around with it. If anyone wants to help I do not mind trying to contribute to this application. And would share the project once it’s working for others to side load
  5. So I know this thread is pretty much dead, But does anyone have a working .IPA file? I played with the source code some, and got it to compile, But just can not seem to be able to get the .IPA to install
  6. I'm pretty sure sprint had/has half of the was In East texas. But they sold it to AT&T I thought. Not showing up as all ATT'so on the face spectrum dashboard though. But they have those 3 different bands of lte active.
  7. No AWS for AT&T here. There is a 10x10 block held by Atlantic wireless though. The other held by AT&T was sold to Tmobile years ago IIRC
  8. They already have Band 2, a 5x5 carrier in the GMO sites here in eastern texas, south of tyler. Band 12 is active around I 20 east of dallas, and band 4 is at 15x15mhz. Compared to verizon with a 10x10 700mhz, and 15x15 band 4. Att is killing is with a 10x10 in Band 2, band 12, and at least a single 5x5 block in band 5. And I want to say band 30 is here, or almost here. Sprint is running 2 5x5 band 25, and a single 5x5 b26 carrier.
  9. Yeah I could see it being negative, but at what point is losing business over false accusations and such worth taking a risk for it. It would get Legere to shut up, and a court order would get legere to shut up long enough for others to realize the koolaid they drank is tainted lol
  10. Im just curious, when and could Sprint actually sue John legere/Tmobile for slander/defamation? Especially if facts are scewed to be untrue in a sense? Twitterand certain internet sites could be a source of what causes business harm against sprint. Im not very familiar, but have heard of it happening before.
  11. I wish this could open up to sprint allowing boost mobile, virgin mobile, and sprint prepaid devices on post paid.
  12. It may not get all the way out where 1x has dropped calls or terrible call quality duentoo lose signal levels. But those are areas where people would regularly drop calls anyways. Hopefully with Volte it will be able to jump on a roaming partner. But with no Volte right now no need to worry.
  13. Very much user dependent. Usable could be checking email, to streaming videos. I find all are usable with even 1mbps. I find evdo even good enough to stream youtube videos in good quality.
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