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  1. trojanman05

    Recent (12/2017) Japan roaming experience

    I was in the Nagoya area between Christmas and New Year's with my Project Fi Pixel 2 XL. Stayed connected to Softbank LTE the entire time, and to multiple bands (I remember seeing 1, 8 and 41 on SignalCheck Pro) while in Nagoya, Kyoto for a half day, and Tokyo to catch my flight back to the states. This includes solid connection underground and in the subways. Never did a speedtest, but whenever I needed to use the phone, speeds were excellent. Signal was also great on the Shinkansen (bullet train) between Nagoya and Kyoto and Nagoya and Tokyo. My work iPhone (AT&T) roamed on either AU (KDDI) or Docomo, and also stayed on LTE the entire time. And again, solid connection underground, in subways, and on the Shinkansen. Back when I was in Japan in September, I had a Nexus 6p (also on Project Fi), and that phone varied connection between Softbank and Docomo. If I remember correctly back then, my phone was connected more to Docomo than Softbank. Overall, great network infrastructure in Japan. I've been on Project Fi since October 2015 (switched from Sprint), and it's so nice traveling overseas with no extra charge for high speed data (and I've been to many overseas locations in both Asia and Europe since switching).
  2. Took two different 10 day trips to Europe over the past month, and the international service provided by Project Fi is phenomenal. First trip (September) I visited Munich, Salzburg, Budapest and Prague. Each of these cities I immediately connected to HSPA or HSPA+ and speeds were more than sufficient. .20 cent phone calls (when on cellular), unlimited texting, and data at the continued $10/gig. Also, free hotspot use so that my friend could use data. The only snag occurred in Budapest when it took a few reboots to finally register my phone on the network, but from then on, it was smooth sailing. On this trip, total data usage was about 4.7 gigs (due to sharing data with my friend), which is above my normal 3 gig plan, but no overages, I just continued to pay $10/gig. Second trip (this past week) I visited London, Ireland (western areas) and Paris. In London and Ireland I was connected to Three (which Project Fi recently added to their network as full native coverage) and was on LTE (labeled as 4G on my signal bar) in London and HSPA/HSPA+ in Ireland. Coverage was great in London, and generally good in Ireland (some spotty coverage due to the rural areas I was sometimes in). In Paris, I was connected to HSPA/HSPA+ and switched between the Orange and Bouygues Telecom networks, whichever was strongest at any given time. My data is currently at 2.93 gigs and I have two days left on my billing month, so looks like I'll be on target with the 3 gig plan. Overall, great international experience with no exorbitant fees. It was so nice to turn my phone off of airplane mode and immediately have normal cell service just like in the US (or in the case of the Eurostar, come out of the tunnel into France and have service). I was able to text friends/family back in the states and they were able to text me like normal. I never did a speed test, but speeds were more than fast enough (seemed like normal LTE speeds like here in the states). Great job Google/Project Fi! Happy customer every since I joined from Sprint last October!
  3. trojanman05

    Hey, Los Angelinos, what to do in L.A.?

    Since we're sharing places to eat, these are some of my top food places in LA: Tito's Tacos - Culver City. I could eat 5+ tacos in one sitting, and the salsa is so good! I live in Orange County now and will sometimes drive the 45 mins just to eat here. El Cholo - original on Western between Olympic and Pico. Not a hole-in-the-wall like Tito's, but this has excellent Mexican dishes in a sit-down restaurant. I know there's also one in Santa Monica and downtown LA. Tommy's Burgers - original on Beverly and Rampart, known for their chili cheese burgers. I've never been to any of the franchise restaurants that have been popping up, so can't vouch for how good their food is to the original...but the food at the original shack (which is actually still the real, original shack) is to die for. And don't be fooled, Beverly does not mean it's anywhere near Beverly Hills. It's actually closer to downtown LA; take the Alvarado exit off the 101 freeway. Versailles - great Cuban food, one on Venice Blvd in West LA, and another on La Cienega near Pico Father's Office - great gastropub off of Venice Blvd near downtown Culver City. There's also one somewhere in Santa Monica, but I've never been to that one. I'll also +1 Philippe's, Grand Central Market, and Roscoes. In-n-Out too, but that goes without saying.
  4. trojanman05

    European Tour - Best Phone Service Recommended?

    TIM and Vodafone (both LTE) are the major carriers in Italy, and both have shops at the Termini train station in Rome. We bought a prepaid data SIM at Vodaphone and put it into a MiFi device so both of us could use the data on our phones. It worked within an hour after leaving the shop. Signal and speed is good and fast in Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, and on the high speed trains/highways in between. It didn't work in Nice, France.
  5. I too have noticed a better connection with Sprint, especially over the past few days or so. I'm on Project Fi and would pretty much be on T-Mobile 90% of the time, but I've now seen myself connected to Sprint LTE in different areas. One instance is at my gym, where it's now able to hold onto a usable Sprint LTE signal inside...it used to drop to 3G that was pretty much unusable. My phone typically will eventually switch to T-Mobile since the signal strength is much stronger, but it is nice seeing Sprint LTE inside on band 25.
  6. trojanman05

    General Investing Forum

    And just reading today it looks like a majority of analysts have downgraded S over the past week from buys to hold, and price targets ranging anywhere from $3.50 to $5.25, with an average of $4.32. I've sold groupings of my S stock over the course of the past few years for profit, but still have that last handful I've been waiting to sell. Easily my worst performing stock. On the other hand, one of my blue chip stocks is up about 72% since I bought 5 years ago
  7. It's from the Fi Spy app which someone made for Project Fi users. It shows which network you're on (Sprint or T-Mobile) and gives the ability to force a switch to either network. I haven't forced a switch (just to test it out) since I first downloaded the app since the automatic switching works good for me, but it's nice to see which network I'm on in the notification bar.
  8. Looks like the 2nd carrier for B41 is beginning to show up in Orange County. See attached screenshot, noticed this as I was exiting the 5 freeway at Culver in Irvine earlier this evening. Since I'm on Project Fi now, I don't run speed tests anymore, but I'm sure this 2nd carrier is plenty fast. I'm actually rarely connected to Sprint these days (I'd say 85% T-Mobile, 15% Sprint)...but more importantly, I stay connected to LTE 100% in all places I frequent and data works plenty fast for what I need it for.
  9. Activated my Project Fi on my Nexus 6P this afternoon! So far so good, LTE everywhere, and the porting process took less than 5 minutes. I have only been connected to T-Mobile, even in areas where I know Sprint is good. Seems that Project Fi prefers T-Mobile, at least here in Orange County. T-Mobile Band 12 also works with the 6P, I connected in various areas this evening. No complaints yet! Should be cheaper than Sprint Unlimited, since I have WiFi at home and work.
  10. trojanman05

    Google Nexus 6P by Huawei (was [Rumor] Huawei Nexus phone?)

    Received my 6P this afternoon! It's a great phone, haven't had too much time to play around with it until now, but it's a beautiful phone. However, this also means I've ended my 14 years with Sprint directly (ever since senior year of high school!) as I am now on Project Fi. Since I've been on Project Fi this afternoon, my phone hasn't connected to Sprint at all. It's all been T-Mobile LTE with great signal, and I've even confirmed Band 12 works on the 6P. Even at work, where I have line of sight to a Sprint site, my 6P connects to T-Mobile (I think it's Band 4). At any rate, my LTE experience has definitely improved at the gym where I would get unusable 3G. I know there's a Fi Spy app that allows you to force a certain network, so I might download that to see the difference of where I know Sprint is good but my phone remains connected to T-Mobile. Btw, I'm in the Irvine area of Orange County.
  11. trojanman05

    Google Nexus 6P by Huawei (was [Rumor] Huawei Nexus phone?)

    Mine just shipped as well! Status changed within the past 30 minutes, and just got the email with a tracking number. FedEx isn't recognizing the tracking number yet though. Hoping it comes tomorrow since I paid for next day delivery and Saturday is a normal delivery day for FedEx! I ordered an alumnium 32 gig shortly after the pre-orders went live on Sept 29th.
  12. I put in a request back in late July and got a 4-8 week estimated wait. Got the invite this evening after ordering the 6P this morning...just signed up for Fi and will be joining end of October/early November! Excited to try, especially to see how T-Mobile's coverage supplements Sprint in Southern California where B26 isn't available yet. I did test drive T-Mobile earlier this year, and I do know there is T-Mobile LTE at my gym, where Sprint has pretty much unusable 3G, so looking forward to that!
  13. trojanman05

    Sprint Wifi Calling.....

    When I was in Italy and France, I would get the warning located in this post: http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/5358-sprint-wifi-calling/?p=421065 Once I tapped OK, WiFi calling and texting would work fine.
  14. Was in Maui over the weekend and B26 is active and working well. Saw it in Kahului as well as in West Maui north of Kaanapali. Lahaina itself as well as most of Kaanapali is 3G, but it was usable. Didn't see any B41. I was staying in the hills just north of Kaanapali (for those of you familiar with the area, the mountain side of the main highway) and my phone held onto B26 (it stayed around -105 dbm) especially on the upper floor. On the lower floor, it sometimes would connect and it would work, but otherwise would be on 1x 800/EHRPD (which was still usable for data). This was a single family home with a good amount of shrubbery/trees around 3 sides of the house and the B26 speeds were around 7 mpbs. You could definitely see the reach of B26, since according to the maps, there's only one tower that's LTE accepted in all of West Maui. I also had my AT&T work iPhone which pretty much stayed connected to LTE. At times it would drop to 4G (HSPA) but speeds were still sufficient (in the 2-3 mbps range). In the middle of Lahaina, I got 30 mbps down on LTE. Between West Maui and Kahului, both Sprint and AT&T dropped to 1x or Edge at times when you're driving along the coast.
  15. trojanman05

    Sprint to Offer Free Wifi at Airports Through Boingo

    I'll see if it connects for me on Friday. Flying out of Terminal 2. It didn't work for me back in May when I flew out of the Tom Bradley International Terminal. I also have an HTC M8.