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  1. Yea that makes sense. I was wondering what pattern or method Mike was using to have Signal Check identify one verses the other.
  2. Just noticed yesterday that SignalCheck Pro said I was connected to an LTE 700 B12 site for T-Mobile, but I was actually connected to a B4 site. There seems to be some sort of error in how it detects B12 for T-Mo.
  3. Cool thanks. Just got the update so I'll try it out.
  4. Not sure if this has been asked.... will Signal Check Pro report T-Mobile's LTE B12? I'm wondering if it'll show once I get the band enabled on my Nexus 6 after the 5.1 update.
  5. Does Signal Check Pro report T-Mobile's LTE B12? I'm wondering if it'll show once I get the band enabled on my Nexus 6 after the 5.1 update.
  6. Weird... you'd think there'd be more noise about this issue.
  7. That I get, but what I'm wondering is why these problems have started happening suddenly. I understand the concept of the CSFB network but I don't get why it was working for some time then stopped. The reason I brought up Android is because of the timing of getting the 4.3+ updates on several phones and this problem surfacing.
  8. I'm wondering if it's an Android issue. It doesn't seem to be phone specific but more network it seems. My friend also on T-Mo but with a BB Z10 isn't having the issue. On T-Mo, I'm pretty sure the texts are going thru LTE. But whenever this issue started happening, I started getting texts only when I was on WCDMA / HSPA. I hope they rectify the issue soon; I have LTE turned off on my phone in the meantime. Also helps that I was near my quota for the month
  9. It seems that T-Mobile in some places is suffering from that same circuit fallback issue that Sprint was having with their newer tri-band phones. When the phone is on LTE, most of the time when someone calls it just goes to voicemail. I've been having this issue recently and I've seen quite a few threads online with others suffering from the same thing. At least when Sprint was having this issue the phone stayed on 3g until whatever needed to be fixed on the tower level was fixed. Annoying.... at least they're working on it.
  10. Once you know the rules it's not bad getting around the city. I miss DC... born & raised there and haven't been back in a while.
  11. I noticed on other Sprint phones that there's finally 4G here on UM's campus. So that's progress.
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