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  1. @Keenan13Allen We don’t either. The Chargers’ moves haven’t always made sense to us fans. This sucks, Chris played great last year!

  2. RT @Do_OrAddae37: ????? RT @Chargers: Steady grindin' @Do_OrAddae37 https://t.co/rx2QNpqRA5

  3. RT @FoxSportsRadio: "Is he not aware of how commonplace sports figures talking in a barbershop is in our modern culture?" -- @ClayTravis.…

  4. RT @PFF: When under pressure, Rivers to Gates was clutch! https://t.co/3hwPQJXcpe

  5. RT @saschasegan: A little scoop for you: SCORCHING LTE speeds up to 537Mbps using @ATT LAA and the Samsung Galaxy S9 in Chicago. And not ju…

  6. RT @countrysayingss: Country roads, take me home to the place I belong... #JohnDenver

  7. RT @ChargersRHenne: Spoke to @danny__woodhead today. Conversation was supposed to last five minutes. It lasted 30. What an awesome guy w…

  8. RT @Chargers: We've agreed to terms on a two-year deal with Center Mike Pouncey. https://t.co/LhaJTIusGW

  9. @Spotify Since you’re saying that, please cancel my subscription and refund me for this month. That’s ridiculous

  10. @RichBTIG They would get a better relationship with customers and more data through $T

  11. RT @ClayTravis: This is outstanding. https://t.co/JOI7wTsu4B

  12. Hey @CapitalOne How long does it take to receive a debit card when first opening a teen checking account?

  13. RT @MKBHD: What I wanted to be a trend in 2018 smartphones: Big batteries What is actually a trend: Adding a notch

  14. RT @MikeClayNFL: Chargers the early favorite. Best overall roster in the division. https://t.co/gF2xMbU7Nr

  15. RT @WellsFargoNews: CEO Tim Sloan discusses the challenges Wells Fargo has faced and his vision for the future. See our path forward. https…

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