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  1. Hi All- Long time viewer who has not commented in some time. Was on Sprint for a decade but switched to T Mobile four years ago. Today during my break, I went to the break room as I usually do. I am often connected to WiFi and or Tmobile WiFi Calling. I noticed my cellular reception was showing 4 bars. To my astonishment I saw Sprint as the network provider. This is an unlocked iPhone so there are no old device issues. Reception is very very strong throughout the building I’m in. Thought I’d share!
  2. As of 06/30/17 this is the status of retuning: Source: http://www.800ta.org/content/reporting/
  3. This does not mean the rebranding is complete, BUT the fact that they are installing new equipment where it did not exist is promising.
  4. Entitling is the process where the carrier or tower company requests permission to build or alter an existing telecommunications facility with a local agency. In this instance, they are entitling 800 mhz remote radio units on an existing tower. I'll have to be the source on this one, but if you were to pull building permit records from jurisdictions in SoCal, you would most likely see Sprint submissions. If you were to dig deeper, you will see 800mhz RRUs.
  5. Sprint is now entitling 800 mhz deployments in SoCal.
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