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  1. @kasch21 Name him King Kendrick ?

  2. @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Yay skins @Danisorous

  3. @_courtbee_ I'm sad people don't see logic

  4. @_courtbee_ I know right But I might go to a different one tomorrow

  5. @Stewie A good book, homie

  6. @_Snod That was 18 years ago

  7. @madebygoogle @AskSynchrony I have dealt with @AskSynchrony and they confirmed the problem was on your end. Every t… https://t.co/dpsDg1iFHy

  8. @FedEx @FedExHelp your Denver employees have failed to deliver the last 3 packages sent to me. No other service lie… https://t.co/VAaHnYQOlK

  9. @PUBGsupport this is fun GM-LCE with the no walls hack. Once again. https://t.co/4bgEA3FCSN

  10. @PUBGsupport your game used to be fun until every single game has a hacker or modder in it. Fun fun fun.

  11. I think the cyphers from the last 7 years really show the degradation of the quality of rappers.

  12. @PLAYERUNKNOWN @PUBATTLEGROUNDS @PUBGsupport So. Many. Hackers. ☹️

  13. @GorgonCity Buy a google pixel

  14. @THEvsnz I need to resubmit but you’re missing

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