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  1. I am so happy and in love. I want this moment to last forever and ever and ever. 💕

  2. RT @LeftAtLondon: GruPauls Drag Race https://t.co/9GNpcIsoXY

  3. RT @transscribe: This is the best version of this meme https://t.co/QbAzw9ymEk

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  5. RT @rachie_claire: one of the largest peaceful protests in our country’s history is being led by a queer hispanic teenage girl we say thi…

  6. RT @zackmitchell1: 13 year old me: no, I’m not gay. Closet: https://t.co/PDTsG5lUpY

  7. RT @NassBrandon: @Vetschtable08 and I are proud to be #TeamTrixie we are rooting for you tonight!

  8. RT @DICKS: We deeply believe that this country's most precious gift is our children. They are our future. We must keep them safe. Beginning…

  9. RT @kylegriffin1: Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Alfonso Calderon: "Trust me. I understand. I was in a closet, locked for 4 hours with pe…

  10. RT @chelseahandler: I hope Oprah shows up at White House the day Donald is impeached and reads him and his administration their jail senten…

  11. RT @HUNTYCHAN: omg they're gay https://t.co/y3keDCn0s5

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