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  1. I know the tower on 66th and Burnham was recently upgraded to x800 and since that happened, the LTE speeds have dropped from 15-25mbps down to roughly .5mbps. I'm guessing the numbers will go back up once it's deemed stable?
  2. I'm connected to 1x800 at my girlfriend's house on hwy100 and janesville road in hales corners. I've never connected before. Signal check says bsl is 9710 w loomis road. It's nice to see something/ANYTHING happening in this area. Looking forward to LTE lighting up soon?
  3. Tower on Loomis off ramp is back up and running. Hopefully the bugs are all worked out and the signal is here to stay. Attached is a speed test result from the old George Webbs on 43rd and Loomis.
  4. Uhmmm. Any new updates in the Milwaukee market? I was excited when I saw 2 new pages of discussion... not so exited now.
  5. I deliver mail very close to the 66th street tower in west allis and the 4g is still very usable, however the voice and text is what's been acting up. I'm only able to text or call while roaming. 4g is still nice and fast though.
  6. I also live in the southeast corner of Franklin, but none of the 1x800 switching has happened to me. I get a nice LTE signal in my yard (-100ish), but rarely connect indoors. Sigh, someday I'll be able to cut my landline. I've only seen 1x800 at my cabin north of the Dells.
  7. Yes, that's the tower. I did see your mapping on sensorly, giantVeg. I'm going to go out and map more of the area this weekend.
  8. According to sensorly mapping, the site by oak creek lions club is active. Anybody know what the delay is with the Loomis road site?
  9. I see another site complete in oak creek in by the lions club. Anyone getting LTE there? I don't see anything on sensorly yet.
  10. I agree. It's sad that I'm so excited for my service to improve from barely usable to still crappy. I always argue to my friends on what a great deal it is for Sprint with unlimited everything, but I only use 1gb a month because it's so frustratingly slow. I was promised 4g 2 years ago like everyone else yada yada yada, but I think it's time to finally switch over to Verizon. My girlfriend pays quite a bit more than I do, but she gets 15-25mb speeds everywhere she goes- inside big buildings, in houses, downtown, state fair, Summerfest, you name it. I've been awfully patient, but they're not mo
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