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  1. I just entered to win a Pixel or Pixel XL plus a $100 Amazon gift card from Android Central! Check it out!! https://t.co/NQLNd2ZlgF

  2. Did you make the build prop edits I suggested in an earlier post? When I did those and had my foreign SIM in (Orange - IL), I was able to access the APN Menu and make changes to get Data working. When I got home and had my Sprint SIM in I noticed the menu was gone. Unfortunately I left the SIM for my brother who is staying longer (he has an iPhone) so I can't put it in again to see if the APN Menu is enabled to confirm my theory. I think it has to be an android thing, in <4.0 APN editing was available unrooted but now it seems to have been disabled. Was also a much easier process to unlock foreign SIMs using the iPhone over GS4. I guess iPhone is just significantly more user friendly for using an international SIMs. I dont travel often so this isnt a deal breaker for me. Also was easy enough to get phone working again back in the US. Just wish I didn't have to call sprint to do it..
  3. Was using blue kuban rom. Had to end up calling sprint, some of the settings got messed up and required them to do something from their end. All good now. Funny enough when I reinstalled stock firmware 4g was working and I could browse the Internet but could not connect to CDMA or 1x services. After calling sprint and doing a SCTRN (##72786#) reset I am good to go.
  4. Rooting was easy and it wasn't too difficult to change the apn once rooted. I also have an unlocked iPhone 4S on Verizon and the process was much much simpler for the iPhone. Literally popped the sim in and you're good to go. Sprint/Samsung need to enable auto updating of APN's with a new SIM card like the iPhone or at least enable users to manually update without rooting. When I got back to the US my apn menu disappeared even though it was working when I was out of the country, must need a foreign sim in for that menu to show up even while rooted. Not getting data connection at all in the US now. Will try to flash back to stock and report how it goes.
  5. Hmm strange. It worked for me on blukuban ROM. I used the build prop editor program mentioned on that site to get it to work. It moved all the menus to the mobile network menu (not roaming even though the description says to set options for roaming, networks, and APN's). There I can set network mode which I set to gsm/WCDMA and natively edit my APN.
  6. Followed the instructions here: http://forums.androidcentral.com/verizon-galaxy-note-2-rooting-roms-hacks/241691-mod-add-apn-editor-system-settings.html In short, add the following code to the build prop and you have the option to modify your apn natively: ril.sales_code=LOL ro.csc.sales_code=LOL
  7. Unfortunately the app didn't work because android 4.0+ blocked non system apps from changing the apn. A simple edit to the build prop enables the stock menu in mobile network settings. After correcting the apn I get a working data connection on both frequencies. My uncle has pelephone so ill try to borrow his sim when he doesn't need it and see if I can get an 850 frequency connection. Glad we could figure this out!
  8. So I put my orange SIM in and it worked for voice and SMS but I dont get a data connection at all, not even 1x. When I tried to dial *111 to activate my SIM I get "connection problem or invalid mmi code". I used a different phone to activate the SIM and data doesn't work on my S4 but it does work on an unlocked iPhone 4s. I've seen it connected to Band 1 and Band 8. RRC: IDLE. I'll keep researching this invalid MMI code error, hopefully I can resolve it and get things working.
  9. Tried it at work and got band 5. As soon as I tried to take a screenshot it jumped back to band 2, but luckily I caught it again. Here's the screenshot. Hopefully this confirms we have UMTS 850 as well. Good news.
  10. Thanks for all the info. So I was very eager to check that my unlock worked because of all the problems people were having with unlocking previously. I dont have a GSM phone, but then I remembered my Verizon work phone, iPhone 4S has a micro SIM that I thought could work in my phone even though Verizon is a CDMA Carrier. So I thought what the hell and put it in. BOOM GSM850! Hope this is enough to validate that UMTS850 should be working. I know I don't have a "3g" icon and it says GSM850 not UMTS850 but since I'm using a US SIM and the phone isn't unlocked in the US my phone shows no service as yours does. Also, I'm assuming this means that I am unlocked and should be good to go once I buy a SIM outside of the US. Lastly, my uncle was asking me to buy him an S4 in the states for use in Israel because it is much cheaper here. If I buy an ATT or T-mobile one are those able to be unlocked without calling ATT or do I have to buy the factory unlocked international version?
  11. Wow thanks for all the info! Cm doesn't have this screen unfortunately. I'll play it safe and use a touchwiz rom while I'm abroad. Not too big of a deal. I'll be there for 30 days so I'm going to go with the 30 days + 2gb data. Not bad at about 40 bucks. This website has it for about 60 bucks (http://prepaidisraelisim.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=64_67&product_id=86). I'm guessing the 20 bucks is their fee for the card. Or I could just buy it there for 10 bucks then call in and add the plan through orange. Will keep you posted on my findings. Leave in about a week.
  12. I didn't actually connect to 850, was just browsing menus in*#0011# and saw that gsm 850 is listed there. I'm going to Israel and I believe they have 850 there, so will let you know if it works. How can I tell what band I am connected to? Also what steps did I mention that could break CDMA800? Want to make sure I didn't mess anything up. Is there a radio image I can flash to restore defaults?
  13. How could I tell if my 800 MHz is not functional? Which proposed steps can cause this? I received a call this morning from a sprint CSR that they have unlocked my phone. Trying to order my international SIM delivered to the US so I can make sure it works before I leave.
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