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  1. Hope its not an Apple thing. It's the only phone I have not had problems with. Had recent versions of HTC and Samsung and both were less than acceptable. I do have days I do miss android. Yes still at home. Just looked at the phone and I have intermittent one bar and 1x.
  2. Just checked, still having issues with both my Wife's and my phones. Can work through our airwave but get away from the airwave and get a fast busy signal. Sprint says system still having issues and wont be fixed until at least tomorrow.
  3. This actually affected most of Wisconsin according to Sprint. Bad when all you have is Sprint phones and can't use them if there is an emergency.
  4. Anyone else loving the outage yesterday that covered most of Wisconsin?
  5. Two towers in Waukesha have been broadcasting 4g for most of the Summer and fall. One is on Pearl and HWY 164, and the other is on a law building at Barker and I94. If there are other City of Waukesha towers broadcasting, please let me know so I can go check them out. Depending on where you are, you may be getting intermittent signal from Pewaukee.
  6. Thanks. I saw a lot of purple on Sensory but haven't been there to know if it was active LTE or not.
  7. New to this forum as I'm from the Milwaukee market. Can anyone tell me if the Wisconsin rapids area has LTE active? Going there next week for a all day meeting at the library.
  8. Sorry if this gets doubled or if posted to the wrong area but does anyone know if Wisconsin Rapids, WI is LTE for sprint?
  9. I see the i94 and Barker Road site is online. LTE all the way east on Bluemound to the Brookfield Lakes Corporate center.
  10. Here is a speed test from down the block from our home. Actually drove by the tower on the way to a appointment. As someone who has complained about the signal at our house, as is roaming inside and outside our house, it's a beautiful change for once. And there is another sprint tower off of Bluemound Road on the north side of the quarries in Waukesha. Can't wait for that one to get turned on too.
  11. Sitting inside my house by Manhattan and Moreland in Waukesha and I have LTE inside my house. Use to have no signal at all.
  12. There definitely seems to be a lot of work going on in the metro Milwaukee area. Hopefully our counterparts in Madison and the rest of the area see similar changes soon. I'm glad to see work starting around Waukesha which means some of the i94 gaps will start to get filled in.
  13. Wasn't sure it was Sprint or not. Thanks for clarifying. I think I know the buildings you are talking about on the south side of the freeway. I also drive down Bluemound past there 5 days a week.I may have to drive back that way later and try a get some pictures of the buildings. I know someone is working by the attorney's building, which i think is one of the buildings you are talking about, with a cherry picker as well this morning. They've been there on a off lately so, once again,it may be unrelated. Even with all the pictures people have posted,I still can't be sure if I am looking at the correct ones. lol
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