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  1. Not sure if this is a phone issue or not, but is anyone else getting dropped to 3G often in the area lately? LTE signal looks fine, but then out of nowhere while I'm using data it'll drop to 3G. Usually have to wait awhile or cycle airplane mode to get back on LTE.
  2. I'm thinking my issue was app related. Within the past week, I've been getting 20+ hours of battery on a charge... so I'm assuming an app update fixed whatever might have been draining it. A couple weeks ago I purged the cache partition also, but that didn't seem to help.
  3. My battery is back to draining quickly, phone gets quite warm at times. Android OS and Android System are still at the top for battery usage. Just over 7 hours on battery and I'm at 26%. Anyone else have the issue?
  4. That may have been it. I've been on battery for almost 9 hours and I'm currently at 62%. Thanks.
  5. Battery drain seems to be getting worse. Down to about 58% now, phone has been on battery for under 5 hours. Android OS and System are at the top for usage. I haven't used it much today. Used to get a minimum 12 hours out of a charge, and never usually hit power save mode by the time I put it on the charger at night.... except recently.
  6. Somewhat, but not too bad. Phone is getting sluggish/warm at times within the past couple of weeks though.
  7. When idle, mine sits on B25.. though it usually will switch to B26 or B41 when I'm using it. I can also pick up B41 in my house sometimes now, when I couldn't prior to the upgrade. Either tower optimizations happened recently, or an upgrade to the radio improved it.
  8. I reset my M8 to factory defaults as I usually do after major upgrades. I get a "Android is upgrading" every reboot, like what it did when optimizing apps after the upgrade. Anyone else get that? The only other annoying thing is that after a factory reset, Sprint ID installed a bunch of bloatware. Luckily most of it could be removed.
  9. No update yet for me. Mo Versi replied to someone on Twitter saying it's still in the lab and may get approval early next week.
  10. I didn't update yet... but ItsOn showed itself today..
  11. Yeah, I'll take a screenshot the next time it happens. I think ItsOn shows around 35-50% usage when my battery drains fast... otherwise it doesn't show up at all.
  12. I'm also getting the ItsOn battery drain and random data/call failure. Doesn't seem as frequent as others though, maybe once a week. I can normally squeeze 1-2 days on battery, but ItsOn drops that to about 8-12 hours when it does whatever its doing.
  13. Just giving my input, only issues I have are during an event also. The network continues to improve as time goes on. Could have it worse.... I was driving I-80 from Salt Lake City to Wendover yesterday and most of the time I was at 1X.
  14. FWIW, I was down at Lollapalooza over the weekend, Sprint service was pretty good most of the time. Texts went through quickly for the most part, data was usable. I was on B25 most of the time, but got on 26 and 41 occasionally. Heard more complaints from my friends with other carriers than issues I had with sprint during the weekend. Not sure if they brought in temporary towers for the event or not... But I'm thinking it'll still get better with time up here.
  15. Sprint doesn't seem to be very clear on why, but they do say it won't work with Airplane mode on. Probably just meant for better indoor coverage in Sprint areas at this point. Not sure how accurate they are, but I've seen some articles that say that 911 calls will attempt to get routed over CDMA first before WiFi. I'll be in a roaming area next week, I'll try it out there and see if it lets me do WiFi calling.
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