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  1. Two iPhone 6s in a band 12 market. However, I know it shouldn't make a difference, but the 6s with the Samsung processor drops calls significantly more than the 6s with the TSMC processor. As an aside, both phones perform the same with battery drain.
  2. My Tmo VoLTE experience isn't great. Working from home puts me right in the middle of three towers.. a daily dropped call or two is the norm. Disabling VoLTE solves the problem. So, in my experience where I live, VoLTE is not the panacea. (Cleveland, OH)
  3. I assume the iPhone 6S is still incapable of simultaneous voice and data. Correct? I apologize if this has been discussed and I missed it in the thread..
  4. I can only steam music reliably about 50% as it is.. This can't bode well. This is not the "value proposition" I hoped they were going for. (I realize I'm not talking apples for apples) Edit: Whew! Thank you Robert and co. for putting on the heat.
  5. I'm looking forward to more info on the 800 rollout in Cleveland. In building data coverage is still the pits in Ohio City, Downtown and Tremont. (I realize this is my experience as I'm in these places most for work and play)
  6. My two lines also revert to 3G often. 1x is the norm in neighborhoods like Seven Hills, Mentor on the Lake, Old Brooklyn. I finally succeeded in convincing the other half to try Sprint in December. The spotty data coverage was expected (although I do see improvements). The larger disappointment definitely has to do with call quality in Cleveland. We've travelled to other cities and the Sprint call quality is very good. It's certainly iffy in Cleveland.. "digitizes" quite a bit and always in the same areas. Even the WiFi calling hasn't totally resolved the issues. Very much anticipating Sprint's plans for the next two years.
  7. It was no easy sell to the other half.. but we're not disappointed for the price. Sure, LTE is spotty in NE Ohio.. but 3G is mostly usable. I know things will only get better with more b41 and when we can actually deploy widespread 800 here.
  8. About $106 with taxes/fees for 2 lines. $53 - ATT half price promotion with 10GB shared $20 - iPhone lease $20 - iPhone lease + taxes/fees
  9. Been a spectator in the forum for years.. Finally thinking of making the leap to Sprint. Tried the Half Price Event on Sprint.com and even with a proper downloaded .pdf bill all I get is: "Uh oh! We're having trouble reading your bill. Please visit a Sprint Store." I'm reluctant to turn in my phones from another carrier (something evil, and perhaps having to do with bells) in case it just doesn't work out. Anyone in the Cleveland area able to vouch for my leap of faith?
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