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  1. LTE in downtown Saint Paul,MN Kellog and Wabasha looks like it should cover the whole downtown area
  2. Ok I got 4g in Woodbury,MN on highway 94 and I would also like to report that it seems that sprint has compleated there 3g upgrade in western wisconsin. I was in La Crosse, Sparta, Thoma, Black River Falls, Marshfield, Wisconsin Rapids, Wausau, Reilander, Shawano, Merrel, Ashland, and a few more this week and speeds went from a pathetic 50-100k to 500k to 1400 and it looks like they are still working on the network upgrade but it is now faster than my verizon phone in Wisconsin
  3. 3 new connections and they apear to be peminant Saint Paul,MN in the highland park area the converted nextel tower on s homer street between west stewart ave and benson ave 2 blocks from the flat earth brewing company 2nd on highway 65 snd clover leaf parkway I bet its on the Blane water tower but I did not pick up 4g on highway 10 3rd in the parking lot of Walmart in Buffalo ,MN the Municipal tower is across the street. all performed around 20-30Mbps down and around 10Mbps up keep it going sprint
  4. I seem to remember that they origonally stated LTE network conversion by end of 2013 in all markets. Sprint has been building and hitting their targets no reason to suggest they wont hit this.
  5. Just used the LTE here in Saint paul tonight the service was on for maybe a hour form 445pm to 540 ish and it was fast 11mbps up and down go sprint go!!
  6. I have not seen LTE or 4g anywhere in the twin cities however the 3g speed has gone from pathetic to not bad (speed test before around 100k now 800-1400k) it has made a huge differance I have noticed it mostly north west metro and not upgraded in saint paul yet I can tell the differance thanks sprint!
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