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  1. LTE at home and at work gotta love the upgrades hope the full beltline will be up and running
  2. yes there is, I was very impressed that they lite it up on the west side. it looked like east then slowly moving west.
  3. Thank you I was about to say I have LTE off old sauk
  4. It was good, however waiting in line of over 3K dropped me down to almost no 3G... Once people spread out it was nice, took a few photos and they uploaded to facebook in no time.
  5. Today will be the day I get to use LTE all day, in madison at great taste near rimrock
  6. Awesome so as I wait for a beer at the great taste I'll have LTE to bad about the middleton tower
  7. I for one hope that it goes live soon, got family that lives about half a mile from there and I live about a block from greenway
  8. I live near Greenway station and I would suspect this tower would supply LTE for me and I do not have LTE I do go by that area a lot and will check it out. Is there a site that told you that tower is up? I couldnt find anything on Middletons website.
  9. looks like another tower just got up on the east side of madison.
  10. any news on madison west side? I see east is getting it setup and even some downtown.
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