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  1. If I were on Tmobile I would wait to see what the New Nexus (5) is going to be. It looks like a G2 dervivative without the back buttons. It might have lower specs, but pure android with updates guaranteed.
  2. It's not being about a panicker. It's called being a business customer that actually runs a company, not a person that has to have to flashy new thing to be cute. I was at the cusp of leave sprint before because of this, but sprint came out with wimax and it worked fine with data and voice (while on wimax). Literally every other carrier supports data and voice (while on 4g) and sprint is going to be the odd man out as usually. Hopefully by the time the S5 comes out, Sprint will have it sorted out. If sprint gets a strong enough reaction they will invest into bringing svlte to triband devices. Rant/ There are a things that rub me the wrong way about sprint, like the lack of wireless charging but every one else gets it. The first thing that seems to go wrong on any of my phones is the micro usb port. Pluging and unplugging over a year to 2 year time period takes its toll. I can have a wireless charger set up at home and at the office and then rarely have to use the port. It's a pain in the neck when the port fails and the phone has to be replaced and having to set it up the new phone. For more than a year Sprint didn't have any international flag ship phones besides the iphone (I don't count the any bb7 device as flagship). /end rant
  3. It's not that I tether frequently (which I do tether my s3 in emergency situations.). It's while sitting on a phone call, that something as small in data as an email has been crucial. To me Svxx is just as important as call waiting to others. It's like sprint refuses to give me what I need. Finally I can get an flagship smartphone from sprint that is international ready, but I lose simultaneous voice and data. It's like I can't win and by winning I mean paying my hard earned money for.
  4. I'm really not liking this trend of lacking Svxxx. It's like we are sliding back to the Vision days. On numerous occasions while out at a meeting on a conference call that I've gotten an email that has completely changed my day (reschedule meetings, emergency meetings, or something that needed my immediate attention etc). I might actually have to drop sprint after 11 years of service. I'm also pretty surprised how many people are nonchalant about it. I'm sure there are people that rarely use call waiting or three way calling, but sprint wouldn't dare take those features away.
  5. I can't tell you about southern and eastern parts of queens, but northern queens (far more contiguos LTE and faster speeds) has waaay better coverage than northern brooklyn. A lot of places on Sensorly that were reported as LTE active (in brooklyn) have since lost LTE and speeds have been between 1-5 mbps when on LTE.
  6. In some parts of brooklyn it seems to have gone down hill and in other areas it has improved while in other areas there has been no change at all. It's a complete mixed bag. The mixed bag isn't really that annoying, but it seems that transitioning between 3g and 4g ends up in 1x for a couple of minutes. This has me a little concerned when Sprint will be running so many bands of LTE. How will the transitioning between bands be? smooth (hopefully) or will it be a stuttering inconsistent mess?
  7. From my understanding, (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) moto did a samsung "big-little"esque configuration to the SOC, where the main part is run the S4 pro, but Moto has dedicated and custom chip(s) for the sensors and the moto enhanced features. So the core android is handled by the S4, but everything else that makes the X special is handled by the custom part of the SOC. That alone will make every update lag behind (hopefully not by much), it's even launching with 4.2.2. That speaks volumes to me.
  8. I dropped my photon as quickly as i could after not even getting ICS. I can't see myself buying another motorola when this custom SOC components could mean even slower updates and no triband LTE. With the LG OG2 and Iphone 5(s) launching soon after I can't see this as being anything but futual for Motorola. Add to the fact that anyne outside of at&t can't even customize it for whatever the exclusivity period makes the Moto x even less attractive for anyone but att users.
  9. I'm sure LG is keen on getting this out the door asap. It's already cleared the FCC and from the leaked shots, the G2 is 100% done on the cosmetic/finish side of things. lets hope for a late august early september release.
  10. So it has LG Optimus G processor, A customizable backplate (that you can't customize if you aren't on att) with some motorola smart actions and it's single band LTE... I can't see the point. Does it really matter if you can customize the back plate when people are just going to slap it into a case? I really don't see this help Moto out of its badly in the red situation.
  11. I can attest to the fact as someone that lives and travels through brooklyn that the LTE is very spotty, non contiguous and mostly absurdly slow for LTE. I have never had LTE in my home neighborhood for more than 12 hrs. When I travel LTE is constantly dropping and failing to reconnect.
  12. If this phone is international and a triband device(I have a feeling it will be because sprint stated that all their flagship phones would be international with a removable sim card, and the SG4 and the HTC One are proof of that), then I will buy it in a heart beat. if i'm going to sign a contract that requires I keep a phone for 2 years then I better have hardware that will take advantage of whatever sprint is going to be rolling out over the next 2 years.
  13. LG and Samsung announced that they would have a tri-band LTE smartphone available on Sprint later this year. The prevailing assumption/rumor is that the note 3 will be tri-band as well as LG's next Optimus G itteration. I'm actually holding off renewing my contract until a triband phone is available.
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