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  1. Anyone in the northwest part of Chicago been to this Sprint store in Golf Mill Mall? I've heard bad things about affiliates in general, but Sprint Telesales got me an appointment to go to one in order for me to get a SIM card for my Pixel 3 XL. Charles at Telesales tried to migrate my Pixel's SIM card to my Pixel 3, but to no avail (duh) - I thought I would go for this since its a bit more convenient than getting one delivered like I had with my Pixel and other BYOD phones in the past. TIA Yung
  2. My current temp job takes me from Crystal Lake to Naperville to Oak Lawn, even to a few neighborhoods in Chicago (e.g. Bronzeville, Ravenswood), but I never had a problem that severe. Well, maybe when I go to a nearby park called Lake Park in Des Plaines - my Pixel XL may switch from LTE to 3G, and then back. Maybe its "large" body of water degrades the signal? I do a fair amount of driving on the expressways and tollways, especially when on a job earlier this year, but had no issues with my Pixel phone - in fact, sometimes it worked better than my work Verizon phone when going back and forth on the southern portion of the I-294 tollway. ?
  3. While I'll still be around in lurk mode, my job situation will be taking a turn for the worst and finances are about to be extremely limited, so I'm forced to discontinue my monthly contributions. On the converse, I've left a little donation of what I have left so it can still benefit S4GRU. When my situation improves, I'll go back to the automatic monthly contributions to take back my spot Take care! Yung aka blinky847
  4. I essentially gave up on Airave - not reliable at all, at least in my home here in the NW Chicago suburbs. Voice quality is hideous, and the initial connectivity is iffy, and equipment reliability is terrible, my now inactive unit is #3 after about 3+ years. Its so bad for me (may be better in your area, YMMV), I use my Project Fi phone for calls, force switch to T-Mobile. Its not a perfect solution, but VoLTE is leagues better than Sprint's 1xRTT (or for that matter, T-Mobile's WCDMA) I might have to reinstate my landline...
  5. I have a Clear account, of which my Mom uses - got the phone call from her a few hours ago, saying Internet is down as of a few hours before that. At least in the Chicago area (Glenview to be specific), WiMax is down.
  6. Finally got mine - I really hate FedEx Home delivery especially with Mondays being a day off for them and slow turnaround. Looks like someone stepped on mine, but turned out to be in good condition. I am at least happy it works since I lost my WiMax 'Classic' Karma. Haven't tested it much except checking if it works indoors in a building built in 1907 and retrofitted to be used for office space - it seems to connect okay and got crappy speeds and reception (expected, it is indoors in a 100+ yo building built with brick and steel). Odd placement of the power button and USB port (which no longer has a cover). One of the Karma videos showcased the LEDs running like KITT's scanner alongside with the Knight Rider theme - yeah, its here to stay. I think the Karma blog states is that there were issues just before shipping, which required Karma to do some quick testing and ultimately, for now, activate all of the hotspots at the warehouse just before shipping them out. I think the CEO said that it 'saves 30 seconds' or something another, and this 'issue' at some point soon. Depending if I get up in a few hours to take the train (or not), I'll test it with a few apps (Speedtest, Ingress (app and Intel page), Netflix, and GP Music) and see how it fares. Its probably still capped at 8 Mb/s plus the VPN overhead, it'll be more like 2-4 Mb/s to me, but that's okay. Seems to be similar in looks to the 'Classic' except maybe 5-10% bigger, and definitely has a bit more weight. Nice touches with the included charging cable (no brick) and felt case. Seeing how this hotspot has Sprint's LTE and 3G network capability, it already has some promise. Just wondering if it has access to the other LTE bands. What would really be nice if it had CA. But, that's wishful thinking and I'll take what I can get. If this goes well, I might get a second or third, though this would take away from S4GRU funds
  7. If all goes well, shipping starts today: https://blog.yourkarma.com/karma-go-starts-shipping Monday or Tuesday better be the day...or I'll be...disappointed. Of course, aside from UPS/FedEx/USPS shipping delays - can't blame Karma much on that.
  8. Donation will be sent real soon now, and will do a reocurring one too.
  9. Another update from a few days ago: https://blog.yourkarma.com/karma-go-candidate-2 Still in the air...and yet so close.
  10. ~$150, Framily, 2 lines, data is 3GB and unlimited
  11. Anyone with the order status of "Estimated Delivery Jan 6, 2015" who didn't already receive their Nexus 6 form the Motorola web store, the bad news (not surprising) is that Motorola is again out of inventory. No ETA at this time. I had to chat/call them for more than an hour, only to finally get the gnarly status. Ugh.
  12. I currently use Republic Wireless as my VOIP-like services, and use the $10 plan for wifi data, calls, and texts; and when I have no wifi, it goes on the Sprint network for calls and texts - no data, as I'll need to find a hotspot or wifi cafe/etc. RW will fail over to Sprint if your call's QOS is bad via wifi. I still have my 2013 Moto X, and don't plan on upgrading it for the forseeable future as its still very useful - had success using it in many US states and in London (to call my parents in Chicago, for example). Caveats: Upfront cost of the phone is a bit steep, and cannot use your Moto RW phone with other networks.
  13. Someone from the Android Central forums said that "They'll keep opening up the inventory on the hour. They did the same thing with the other Nexus." If this is the case, I'll keep on checking periodically...however I'll remain pessimistic... As usual, YMMV and take this with a grain of salt.
  14. Everything is gone - they sold out all the things! Mr Yuck is sad...
  15. I just checked the Google Play site...both versions of the 64GB N6 are still "coming soon", but both the 32GB were available for a short period of time - black went quick, then gray. Darn...
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