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  1. We'll see. I almost feel like Softbank's throwing in the towel in light of the T-Mobile merger rumors resurfacing. I suppose one benefit of a T-Mobile merger is that unrestricted LTE roaming between the two would likely be turned on immediately after the deal closed so legacy Sprint customers would be able to take advantage of T-Mobile towers and vice versa. Whether that'll make up for increased prices and ultimately less competition is another question.
  2. Probably a misidentification as mentioned above.
  3. Too bad they can't CA B25 and B41 together. That'd be awesome.
  4. The huge delays, while not really Sprint's fault, is partly why I think not participating in the 600MHz auction in at least a limited manner will be considered a mistake long-term. Unfortunately I don't think they could even if they wanted to, either.
  5. Actually, I recently started getting B12 at my house. The tower itself also gives about 2x in speed tests when close to it compared to before.
  6. That's the case for me anyway. When my parents (who are still on Sprint) last came over around a month ago, my dad got very weak B25 on his Samsung phone while my mom's iPhone 6 was stuck on 3G, so there's still improvement that needs to happen there. I get the feeling that it'll take a while, unfortunately.
  7. I'm curious--do the other carriers have nearly as many problems getting sites/upgrades approved too?
  8. "Low coverage"? For what it's worth the Samsung was showing something like -115 to -120ish dBm of B25 in SignalCheck and also bounced between both B25 carriers pretty often.
  9. It depends on the phone too. For instance, my dad's Samsung phone actually gets LTE in my apartment, whereas the iPhones in my family do not. As for B26, I wonder if Sprint should just give up on it ever coming to SD in a reasonable timeframe and accelerate small cell deployment instead. The occasional FCC reports about 800MHz don't seem to have changed much over the last 6-12mos for the southern IBEZ anyway.
  10. The latest iOS update brought with it v23.1 of the Sprint carrier settings and a new PRL. Those combined seemed to give me 1-2 bars of B25 LTE in my living room for a few minutes after updating last night but I can't seem to duplicate it now.
  11. The latest public 800TA report seems to indicate that most San Diego County licensees still haven't cleared out of their old frequencies. I'm thinking that the sighting above is a test for now. February is the month when they're all supposed to be moved though.
  12. Perhaps my comparatively better experience has to do with working pretty much across the street from a Sprint tower? (Sorrento Valley area.) Even when I'm not there I seem to get LTE the majority of the time when I'm outside. Not so much inside though. What's bothersome is that the stuff they put on the towers only supports B25 and B41, not B26. Even if all of the IBEZ and other issues with B26 are taken care of Sprint would need to go back and install B26 supporting stuff. It could be years before that's fully usable. What they really should do is look at the customers who spend the most
  13. Nope. If anything, I think I was getting LTE more often than I remember getting.
  14. It just sucks that San Bernardino County can apparently prevent San Diego from getting B26 even though the IBEZ issues with the Mexican government have been presumably? resolved and the former is fairly far of a drive from the latter. On a recent trip to the Bay Area I almost never dropped down to 3G or 1X (the latter happening in one possibly shielded room in an office building), whereas drops to 3G happen extremely often here in SD. Hopefully the densification effort will help.
  15. I just came back from a business trip to the Bay Area and I was amazed at how well Sprint actually performs up there. I was on LTE (B41 most of the time, even) the vast majority of the time. The only issue I has was inside one particular conference room at the office I was visiting, where my iPhone dropped to 1x on SMR; the phone seemed to be on B26 the rest of the time in that building. Too bad there's still hoops to jump through before San Diego County gets B26. Even though I get B41 at work if I'm near the outer walls, I still drop back to 3G if I go deep inside the building.
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