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  1. MrAnderson

    Samsung Galaxy S5 User Thread

    My S5 is definitely worse than my Note 3 at picking up an LTE signal, I have to cycle airplane mode sometimes when I'm right next to a tower.
  2. Yeah, I exported it off my old phone to keep the data, no way to get it imported though
  3. Looks like you have to be rooted to see this file, unless there is an import/export feature that I am missing?
  4. Hey MikeJeep, I just got a new phone and was wondering where the notes db is stored so I can move it to the new phone?
  5. MrAnderson

    Free $22 in Amazon Apps for Android.

    This worked for me as well. The version of GTA San Andreas is for a Kindle device so it won't run on a phone but you can still 'purchase' it through a browser.
  6. Let me guess, Robert is a Vikings fan, or even worse...a Chiefs fan.
  7. Look at the Clearwire map in the sponsor section, it's def LTE and you will be able to see all of the other Clearwire towers as well, this map is separate from the Sprint LTE map.
  8. You shouldn't be getting LTE from the clearwire towers until the update comes out for your G2 to turn it into tri-band. Clearwire does have panels mounted on that Wells Fargo off of Huron, but I've gotten LTE from the Sprint Grant tower in that area.
  9. Oh, I know that building, it's by O'Meara Ford. That's not a sprint tower, if you were getting LTE it was from one across I25 in that area.
  10. Hey Crimson, It's path of least resistance, it's typically easier to get permits and easy access to those sites so they upgrade them while waiting for a green light to get to the tougher ones.
  11. Correct, Clearwire is definitely still and will complete the upgrade of existing sites.
  12. I just went by there earlier and it was active, there is also another one active on 104th and York.
  13. That tower has been converted for a few months, I've never seen it lose LTE service since it went active though. If you check out the sensorly (www.sensorly.com) map you can get a better idea of where the towers are active.
  14. Which site is it in Thornton?