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  1. Does anyone know how to close accounts on here i tried going to my profile but i cant find it.
  2. What band is sprint using for fdd-lte. Just wondering for iphone 5. It says it can support some bands for fdd-lte.
  3. Great but whats Q2 timetable is it April-June.
  4. Question when is Q2 for a company just wondering cause of this. Original Scheduled Completion = Q2 2014. I really hate going back and forth between 3G and lte
  5. Lol ok it's probably an app problem then
  6. Ok the weirdest thing just happened i did a random 3G speed and it showed me 4.01 Mbps download. I thought what did it again and 3.57 Mbps download and I said to myself merry Christmas
  7. Does anybody know how many parts there is to nv and what part we r in now i did research and the CEO said they r about to start phase 2 of network vision.
  8. Yes spark is better than lte cause in the future they can provide 1 or 2 gbps download.
  9. I heard this is samsungs first adventure in the usa for contracts. Is samsung quick at deploying equipment cause if they r quicker. I hope they get future work with sprint.
  10. But why were all three companies looking at one cell tower confused
  11. One more thing to add im new to having other people work on cell sites aka venders. The thing i was wondering is why when I was driving my gas scooter i saw samsung alcetel and Ericsson workers by one cell tower.
  12. How many cell towers does it take to get a 1% add on to market list and after lte is on every tower will they make a new list for the 800 lte.
  13. Funny thing happened my phone is playing musical cell tower it jumps from sprint to extended not at my house but all over the town.
  14. But I thought the iphone can only go up to 30 max for download.
  15. Question how is it possible im getting 4g speeds of 34.21 Mbps download and 16.02 upload.
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