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  1. Are you by chance referring to the Apple Valley area or the area east of Kanab?
  2. Have you tried disabling 5G and using 2G/3G/4G only mode? I spend at least a week a month in northern Utah and haven't experienced any of this on my LTE device, and I average 100GB/month and 8k minutes. I'm on a T-Mobile plan.
  3. Not sure if this is related, but Southern Utah has started seeing 2500 gear on T-Mobile sites, so work is definitely underway to "modernize" the network.
  4. T-Mobile has been installing M-MIMO equipment for PCS/AWS for a while. There are quite a few sites in Northern Utah that received these upgrades as part of the 600 rollout.
  5. The panels that are normally hidden behind the faux screen are at&t (recent LTE upgrade). The second carrier is an inactive former Qwest Wireless site now owned by VZW.
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