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  1. What ever it is, it will just end up on everyone who pays bill as a $3 fee so the company has nothing to lose by giving it up.
  2. Maybe they should try under promising and over delivering instead of the normal over promise under deliver.
  3. I doubt it is going to alter the availability of a provider in either way. What I can see happening eventually though is spectrum going and saying we are going to set up lanes and saying look I know your paying x $ for 100 Mbps connection but any traffic going to Y domain (work) or z domain (netflix, directtv now, essentially any non spectrum owned stream) is going to be slowed to 10 Mbps unless you pay y $ additional to get back to the 100 Mbps you are already paying for. Realistically though even if there were multiple providers available they could all put into play the pay for lanes or paid QOS and keep the pricing all close to each other any way so its not like having multiple options is really going to quell the desire to squeeze as much money out of the consumer as possible. Sure there could be the straight talks of internet that will say okay we can give you the connection for 50% of what spectrum charges and there will be no pay lanes no throttling of traffic but it is at 25 Mbps and capped at 200 GB which could be an option for some
  4. Sure method matters. I can say this though I am one of those 50 million households. I live 5 miles from the cities edge and I have exactly 1 option for broadband and that is spectrum. In the area here there are a couple subdivisions so say 30 - 50 houses in my immediate area all with only Spectrum for broadband (25 mbps or higher rated speed). AT&T, not that I would ever use that crap company, has no offerings out here. Too far out for DSL as well all the providers say, so since my job requires internet 100% I have to accept whatever spectrum offers at whatever price they offer it at as there is no other reasonable option. Before some one pipes in with the 4G/5G wireless will fix it, that wont work as i regularly because of working out of the house use between 350gb and 1 tb a month depending on how many patches or OS updates I have to push to machines at work and of course personal usage like streaming video and music.
  5. That's great for those with more than one option. Now how about the 50 million household's that only have one option, or you just saying sucks to be them. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/06/50-million-us-homes-have-only-one-25mbps-internet-provider-or-none-at-all/?amp=1
  6. https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20171129/13111538698/as-net-neutrality-repeal-nears-comcasts-promise-to-avoid-paid-prioritization-disappears.shtml
  7. Remember sprint/softbank created a separate spectrum holding company last year and moved some of its spectrum to it which it then leased back from said company.
  8. Slack, discord both are also good. Discord not only gives you text chat but you can do voice chat as well.
  9. Probably some more Pokemon crap or maybe a tidal promotion.
  10. It will require nothing at the tower. HPUE is just a higher powered radio in a phone so it will require a new phone that supports HPUE.
  11. Pre-Order is available on Sprint site. https://www.sprint.com/landings/new-samsung-galaxy-note7-offers/index.html Looks like you can pick either a gear fit 2 or a 256gb memory card
  12. I have had my G4 for 12 days now and i really love it. My battery averages 1 day 12 hours according to gsam. I have to say i really love that wifi calling is on this phone and all you have to do is turn it on at the device and it does whats needed at your account. I have been taking all my work conference calls using the wifi calling and it is working flawlessly so far. Which is really nice since i am at a fringe area between a couple towers and my signal bounces around a lot and on occasions i get dropped calls.
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