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    Is it a uniquely device dependent feature? I could have sworn it also required network side support.
  2. HD Voice IS a NV contingent feature but NOT an LTE contingent feature, is that correct?
  3. I can confirm that I'm getting eHRPD in my house in the Willow Glen neighborhood of San Jose (SF South Bay). Sent from my SPH-L710 using Xparent ICS Blue Tapatalk 2
  4. Thomas L.

    Network Vision/LTE - SF Bay Market

    Robert, do you know anything additional/of interest about these early sightings, maybe...? Sent from my SPH-L710 using Xparent ICS Blue Tapatalk 2
  5. Thomas L.

    Network Vision/LTE - SF Bay Market

    I'm not sure if you the admins want to merge this with the thread talking about coverage coming from Appleland, but I thought it was interesting. Maybe it's also coming from Google's campus? I haven't a clue. It's very interesting though, to say the least. http://www.engadget.com/2012/08/07/sprint-lte-bay-area/ Tommy
  6. Thomas L.

    AT&T acquires NextWave for $25M, Assumes Debt

    Would the multimodal nature of Network Vision allow Sprint to easy deploy on Dish's spectrum? What would be involved in them adding that to their towers?
  7. Thomas L.

    700 Mhz LTE on Verizon

    The Samsung S3 LOOKS like it holds up very well against the other phones in the LTE line up, and seems to best the EVO 4G LTE in a few cases... I am glad I didn't let the reputation of Samsung's radios keep me from buying the phone. Once Robert releases his article on radio performance it will all be much clearer I am sure.
  8. Thomas L.

    700 Mhz LTE on Verizon

    Oh you're up in Los Alamos right? My grandmother's family is from Pagosa Springs, CO and they almost all live in Santa Fe now, I know there they force them to use adobe to do the houses and I imagine if you have the chicken-wire in there you're pretty screwed no matter what. Don't you ever get hopeless with LTE so far out on the horizon for you and the prospect of not getting it at home when it comes?!
  9. Yeahhhhhhh that's awesome, I'm really looking forward to the radio performance article and the 800MHz articles sound awesome, what exactly will they be about? Congrats on finishing the schedule updates and I hope you enjoyed your vacation! Welcome back!! Tommy
  10. Thank you very much for these updates Robert, I appreciate them very much. I must say,us LTE fands west of the Rockies are feeling awful lonesome...
  11. He's probably thinking about about WAAS (http://www8.garmin.com/aboutGPS/waas.html) and the European equivalent EGNOS (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Geostationary_Navigation_Overlay_Service) - I won't be redudant and repeat what the links say, but they essentially work to increase the accuracy of exisiting GPS:
  12. Thomas L.

    Keep a Word, Drop a Word #2

    Easy going
  13. That makes me feel better :DDDDDD
  14. Thomas L.

    Phallic cell tower gets a makeover

    That's so ridiculous, lol. It looks ridiculous too... phallic isn't the first thing that comes to mind, but it does look ridiculous.
  15. Thomas L.

    Global Roaming for Galaxy S3 Sprint Model

    But aren't the actual chipsets and capabilities the same? I was under the impression that the problems are more related to antennas than to the actual capabilities of the unit.
  16. Check this out, who do you think the carrier will be, and, more interestingly, why these particular frequencies? It's pretty anomalous considering it's a GSM/HSPA+ device on cellular and PCS with LTE 700/850/1700/1900 - that is to say bands LTE bands 2, 4, 5 and 17, so obviously excluding the G block of PCS spectrum that Sprint uses for its LTE currently. The immediate assumption is AT&T because of the cellular/PCS HSPA+, but what's with the LTE bands? Not to mention it's a pretty middle of the road phone. As a side note, doesn't band 5 overlap almost entirely with Sprint's ESMR spectrum? I'm really anxious to hear what you guys think: http://www.engadget.com/2012/07/25/samsung-sgh-i547-runs-through-cert-gauntlets-with-quad-band-lte/ Tommy
  17. Thomas L.

    New (Non-Sprint) Samsung Quad-Band LTE phone.

    Interesting, I'm really curious to see what AT&T will do here. What did you mean about the nature of the spectrum auction west of the Mississippi?
  18. The premise of this article is like a sort of Straw Man fallacy... "Sprint is going to set up a single carrier in the ESMR band, so we're going to write this article like that's the ONLY spectrum Sprint has to launch CDMA on." - it's just not based on Sprint's actual spectrum situation. Lame.
  19. Hey people, I just saw one of the areas I'm interested in is the the "North LA" market (specifically 93015 zipcode) - do any of you have any idea when we might see work in that area? Thanks! Tommy
  20. People are being big babies, and I think the reality is people will never be satisfied. Sprint coud get to 100% coverage tomorrow and then people would be asking why they don't have LTE-Advanced deployed yet. I personally feel like people just want to complain... I honestly wouldn't care, except that it is showing Sprint that they were right in now bringing the sites on one-by-one, which I really want them to do. Sprint, if you're listening, people with always complain, so just launch soft-launch the sites as they're completed and then wait until you reach whatever your critical mass percentage is for the official launch!!
  21. I have been surprised by how good the speed reports that people have been posting are, but I am curious as to what we can expect in terms of speeds once the network is actually under everyday loads... also, in areas with high traffic, is Sprint planning on limiting the bandwidth available to each user? Thanks for your insight! Tommy
  22. Thomas L.


    Wow, those speeds are pretty awesomely high, especially compared to what others seem to have been getting in the Kansas Market for example. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that a lot of people seem to be using the S3 in the Kansas market and you were using an EVO?
  23. Thomas L.


    The official date is the 15th (Sunday), so you can assume it's going to be a bit choppy until then and then even for the first few days while they get everything worked out.
  24. I can't see any reason for them to do that, they're pretty much all in with Network Vision and since it's a complete network overlay and LTE is better with spectral efficiency with data I believe, it just isn't useful long term. Also, real EV-DO Rev. C had its name changed by Qualcomm to UMB (Ultra Mobile Broadband) - it competed with LTE and WiMax but when adoption was essentially 0% and it was clear WiMax and then LTE had the market locked up, they discontinued its development. I think what you're talking about is DO Advanced, which is essentially a software upgrade to more efficiently manage traffic/up capacity. It's just an extension of EV-DO Rev. B in the end and doesn't offer higher speeds than the theoretical maxes of Rev. B. From what I can Sprint is looking to use CDMA pretty much for voice from here on out. They will most likely try to shift data traffic to LTE and refarm as much CDMA spectrum as possible to use for LTE.
  25. Wimax was more established at the time, I don't think EV-DO Rev. B had launched anywhere in the world by the time Sprint needed to have WiMax launched because of the conditions placed on their 2500mhz spectrum. In addition, it was apparent that for WiMax there was going to be an evolution of some sort - EV-DO Rev. B was recognized as being a sort of dead-end, especially considering it also needed a hardware upgrade. In addition, at the time WiMax was chosen, it was far ahead of LTE in its development and availability... the World GSM Association also hadn't chosen to endorse LTE at the time, if I remember correctly... if WiMax had been chosen by the GSMA, WiMax would have been an incredibly good decision. There was also the fact that Intel was a huge backer of WiMax at the time and it just plain looked like a really good decision at the time...