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  1. is there any truth to what some have been saying about Chicagoland? 8/15 turn on?
  2. mine it automaticall came up.
  3. for anyone who wants to have 4g for a little while, from 95th street all the way to 34 on Route 59 in Naperville, it's still on as of last night. averaged 18 mbps for approximately 10 speedtests when I went to my storage unit.
  4. I'm thinking that may be possible. I now have 4 LTE records on my phone!!!
  5. I just got 4g in Naperville at 87th and Route 59. Impressive speeds!!! I will post screenshot when I get home. Say file is too big
  6. that's pretty cool that 4g was on in Joliet yesterday. I called sprint and received a "credit" for my service lately. They told me the towers around my home in Round Lake area would be completed by 8/12 and the area where I work in Naperville would be shortly after. Is there any projection when Chicago LTE would be active around the burbs?
  7. Did a few more tests on the way to work this morning. Here are some pics of speed resuts in downtown Barrington and just outside of Barrington.
  8. Driving through Barrington, IL today on 3g I got 1855 down and a little over 500 up. It was the fastest 3g I've seen yet.
  9. gordoj52

    No 4g option?

    thats what i was asking, where is the option to turn on 4g on the 4glte
  10. gordoj52

    No 4g option?

    I came off the original Evo4g and in the settings we were able to activate 4g on command. Now I realize the LTE may not be available for a while but I at least expected to be able to have it on if it was activated. Thoughts?
  11. I just got mine! Will be here tomorrow Your order is on the way! We've shipped your order today. To find out when it will arrive, please review the important order, billing and shipping details below. To help make your Sprint experience even better, be sure to review the tips and information provided. Please save a copy of this email for your records.
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