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  1. Battery life has been amazing on my iPhone 5 on the East Side. This is a screen shot of a friend getting LTE only in the middle of a lake up north, where before he didn't even get 3G service prior to 3 weeks ago.
  2. Yeah it's extremely spotty. Walked around last night and my friend was getting it and I wasn't. The service right now is incredible though. I have had 5 bars throughout most of the day. It'd be amazing if they would release it soon though. I move in 3 weeks and I am stuck in a house with no Internet. I would hotspot my phone.
  3. If your not running the latest beta I'm not really sure what the point is. Beta 3 is actually pretty stable but still has a bunch of bugs. I would suggest running iOS 7 with a fresh install anyways. So it won't actually matter.
  4. Just had LTE on the Eastside by Maryland and Newberry. Lost it at Locus. Friend stated he has it at UWM Union. Confirming in a few minutes.
  5. Hey, first post here but have been following this thread for awhile now.. Last night I was with my girl friend and she has the Photon 4G and it showed 4G on the Eastside of Milwaukee last night. I have the iPhone 5, and didn't show LTE so I take it the 4G she was receiving wasn't LTE. Just thought I'd share that information, she was loading everything fast and my 3G download speeds still are terrible and unusable.
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