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  1. That is exactly my issue but mine was a little worse likely due to the network here in New Orleans. Band 25 was completely unusable and it would jump back and forth between 25 and 26 over and over but neither actually working. Airplane mode toggle a couple times and then back to 41. Unfortunately the thing about 41 that was bad is the download speeds were great, the uploads were painfully slow. And then my S10+ would just park on 41 until it became completely unusable. Only fix was the disabling of 25 and 41, which at least allowed me to have consistently stable connection. But after the latest update even that was dropping consistently. Gave in and shipped my phone back to Samsung where they will swap out the main board.
  2. Whelp AT&T is not much better and it makes the phone feel like a hot iron to boot.
  3. I am about done. Tested all along my route to work and once the phone finally gets of band 41 internet goes caput. Test AT&T later today to see if they have the same issues
  4. Currently factory resetting but with my S10+ running Speedtest to the same server as my Pixel 3 XL, my S10+ gets 140Mbps down and 1.35Mbps up. My Pixel 3 XL get 98Mbps down and 9 Mbps up. Going deeper into my house the Pixel drops to 38 Mbps down 7Mbps up, the S10+ drops down to 10 Mbps down and .01 Mbps. It just parks on Band 41 until it completely loses signal. CA is on.
  5. After the update my LTE downloads are pretty great but my uploads are God awful which has been the problem for me all along.
  6. Sprint ASD5 Update is live on servers. Haven't installed it yet because I have to flash to Sprint ROM but hopefully it fixes the network issues.
  7. My gut says it is only a matter of time before people not having issues have them but I am always pessimistic lol My Unlocked s10+ was working beautifully for a few weeks until it just started dropping calls and getting stuck on a band causing no internet at all. Disabling bands 25 and 41 fixed it but it is slooowwww moving on the internet.
  8. Just saw this over on Sprint Community on a big thread about the network issue: "As always, Sprint and Samsung continue to closely monitor concerns about intermittent or total loss of voice or data with the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e handsets. There will be a software release available on Tuesday, April 16th that will prevent the device from experiencing intermittent voice or data. Please update as soon as this release becomes available." https://community.sprint.com/t5/Samsung/Galaxy-S10-10-10e-Perma-Roaming-The-Sequel/td-p/1039070
  9. So a year after my last post I am posting I have found a B41 site in Metairie. It was just random that I was running a Speedtest at the Mellow Mushroom on Vets when I go close to 30Mbps down and 8Mbps up. Knowing Sprint's current LTE in Nola couldn't even come close to those speeds I had to see what I was on and sure enough there was a B41 tower!
  10. Yup they seem to have added the necessary software patch to the active B26 towers, unfortunately my phone still seems to prefer Band 25 until it goes to about -110, only then will it switch over to Band 26.
  11. Most of my coined terms are not able to be repeated here but I have change my Email signature to include my name followed by: Sent on the Sprint *Now Network *Just not right now (Likely sent via WiFi or Smoke Signal)
  12. I have the same issues as you. Do yourself a favor and download Network (Philipp Mangelow) from the play store. It will get you quickly to the screen where you put your phone into LTE only mode. This will force LTE connection but disable all calls and texts. After you do this, dial ##33284# and then go to LTE Engineering. This will show you the LTE Band you are connected to. Take note of every area that you are connecting to Band 26 so you know where you will always lose the connection. Also take note of where you are connecting to Band 25 so you know where you can reconnect by toggling Airplane mode. I have done this for the past few days and have it down to a science. Or you can just do what Sprint keeps suggesting I do, put the phone into CDMA only mode... Because 3G data is so reliable here.....
  13. I live in an area surrounded by b26 towers and I do notice when I head out to work my phone doesn't always connect to B25 towers without toggling Airplane Mode.
  14. It could be your phone. I have an M8 as well and even though I am having the Band 26 issues, which are Sprint's issues, my phone is connecting to 3G just fine as well as LTE towers outside of the Band 26 ones.
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